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James Dashner talks ‘The Maze Runner’ movie, other writing projects

In a new installment of James Dashner “Dashner Chats” the author shares information about The Maze Runner movie and details about other writing projects.

If you follow James Dashner on Twitter it is highly likely you’re familiar with his reoccurring live tweeting Q&A sessions he’s dubbed as “Dashner Chats.” In theses interviews the author randomly sets aside some time to answer fan questions and tease future projects to come. And last night, The Maze Runner author took to the interwebs to give us the latest update. We have a recap for you here!

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‘Maze Runner’ Elements:

  • Dashner says there will most likely be no more Maze Runner books. He’s finished with the series and has other stories to tell.
  • He gives his full endorsement to The Maze Runner film and has been thrilled with the amount of input he’s been able to have.
  • Dashner said that the film is exactly what audiences will want out of an adaptation and he’s sure they will be blown away.
  • The author mentions that 20th Century Fox is planning on adapting each book in the series, but that good box office numbers will help encourage its completion.
  • Dashner says that it’s likely the Grievers won’t be revealed until later in the marketing campaign.
  • It’s unknown when the first trailer is being released, but something interesting should be ready in time for Comic Con.
  • He’s hoping to visit the set again sometime in June.
  • We get confirmation that there will be Glader slang in the movie, but Dashner insures that it’s used sparingly as to not overwhelm audiences.
  • Dashner mentions again how incredibly pleased he is with the casting choices for the movie and how happy he is that every character in the book will be in the film.
  • Once and for all: Minho is pronounced MIN-Hoe.
  • Maze Runner Trivia: Frypan’s actual nickname is Siggie. Dashner says it’s obvious why he prefers Frypan!
    Speaking of Frypan – Dashner confirms that Dexter Darden has been cast in the role.

    Which means we have another name to fill in our official tracking list. For more information on that – go here!

    Writing Opinions and ‘Eye of Minds’ News:

  • The Mortality Doctrine series is likely to be three books long – the first one titled The Eye of Minds.
  • Dashner’s Eye of Minds will be released October 8. (He also just finished writing its sequel.)
  • The book will have lots and lots of twists – with cool visuals and suspense.
  • The author is sure people will like The Eye of Minds more than The Maze Runner because he’s grown as a writer and the structure has been worked on for a long time.
  • Michael is the protagonist in The Eye of Minds and he’s more like Minho than Thomas in The Maze Runner.
  • He describes the book as The Matrix meets Inception.
  • The Mortality Doctrine series has less death than The Maze Runner books, but Dashner wars to not be relived because there’s worse things than death…
  • The Eye of Minds will also have ebook-only short stories attached as well.
  • The author says to expect at least one new book a year – maybe two. He says he enjoys writing to much to have fewer than that.
  • Killing characters is usually not fun, but Dashner says he never just does it without reason.
    Lastly, we had to include one final tweet in our recap – just because we agree so much and it makes us so happy.

    Dashner is totally spot on with this. Not only will a close cast make for a better movie, fans of the book will be pleased to know their Glaider boys are having just as fun off set as they are on!

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