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‘New Girl’ creator Liz Meriwether talks pairing Nick/Jess, the new Ross/Rachel

Last night’s New Girl episode “Cooler” completely changed the dynamic in the loft when Jess and Nick had a moment. Today, creator Liz Meriwether weighs in on where their relationship is heading and if they are the new Ross/Rachel of our generation.

In case you happened to miss last night’s episode of New Girl things got awkward when the roommates played a game of strip True American which landed Jess and Nick locked in a room until they kissed. When Nick accidentally slipped out that he didn’t want to kiss her under those circumstances, he panicked and climbed out of the window. However, later that night they both came out of their rooms when Jess heard a noise. Before Jess went back to bed Nick grabbed her in a very suave move and pulled her in for a hot and heavy kiss.

With all of this will they won’t they and back and forth fans have been speculating that Jess and Nick might be the next Ross and Rachel (of Friends). When we asked Liz about this she was thrilled.

“I mean that would be amazing!” said Meriweather, “I love Ross and Rachel.” Going on to recall that infamous scene in Central Perk where Ross showed up drenched from the rain and when Rachel opened the door he grabbed her for a kiss. Last night’s scene between Jess and Nick was a little different but no less important to New Girl fans. Meriwether added that she believes Jess and Nick have more problems to come over than Ross and Rachel.

“I think they’re really different characters but I think you know that would be amazing obviously,” said Meriwether. “I think they’re really different characters, but I think that would be amazing, obviously. I think there is this sort of added complication of Winston and Schmidt and the fact that they live together and their friends are a little bit less supportive of all this. They have some of that to contend with, too.”

“I think this came out of the blue and surprised both of them and I think they’re like struggling to deal with if they want to be a couple and how each one of them feels.”

But before Nick and Jess can become the new Ross and Rachel they first need to become a real couple. As Nick tends to mess things up she addressed whether or not something will happen between the pair before they make it to that status. Meriwether explained that Jess and Nick are definitely not ready to be a couple at this point and are still struggling with their feelings for each other.

She added, “I think this came out of the blue and surprised both of them and I think they’re like struggling to deal with if they want to be a couple and how each one of them feels. Obviously Jess is in a relationship and they live together and Nick is like kind of a screw up, I guess, is a polite way of saying it. I think there’s just a lot of stuff that they need to get through and figure out.”

Now that they’ve acknowledged that they have this draw towards one another it’s going to complicate a lot of the conflict they were dealing with before hand. The fact that they’re friends and live together certainly won’t make it easy. Meriwether also revealed that the kissing scene wasn’t originally in the script but after a table read they decided they were ready to explore this side of Jess and Nick.

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“I think what’s cool is that we get to tell a modern story about two people coming together and they don’t think that a lot of time one kiss leads to an immediate relationship. I think there is a lot of like messy kind of back and forth in between that, and I feel like they’re in this really messy, fun back and forth, push pull moment in their friendship.”

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