Ever since the official Iron Man 3 Facebook account launched a trivia game that would slowly reveal Tony Stark’s suits, we’ve been on top of it to show you the suits as they were revealed.

Today, six of the latest Iron Man 3 armors have come online in glorious high-resolution for fans to dissect and speculat over. It’s all pretty exciting, especially after the second theatrical trailer revealed that we would be seeing fascinating variations of the now-iconic frowny face Iron Man suit. This includes what some have been calling “the deep space” suit and the “hulkbuster” suit. As you’ll notice below, the suits that ring very familiar to dedicated Iron Man fans have earned brand new names, and may or may not have more than just a sub-supporting role in Iron Man 3.

Thanks to the good people over at CBM for nabbing such high quality images of the suits. We’ve featured the suits below, along with their names and a short descriptions of how each suit can improve Tony’s overall performance.

Mark 17 – Heart Breaker

This artillery level RT suit features an enhanced arc reactor, and bulked up shoulder blades that may contain a heavy amount of firepower. With a name like that, it’s expected that this suit might make use of the same type of high-powered chest beam that we saw in Iron Man 2.



Mark 33 – Silver Centurion

This enhanced energy suit doesn’t feature silver as much as the other models (see code name SHOTGUN below for example), but it does offer a silver endoskeleton and a weird pentagonal arc reactor. Nothing really to go by on this one in terms of how it will be used, but its name suggests that it can run a little longer on one battery, something that has been the Achille’s heel of past suits.



Mark 35 – Red Snapper

The advantage of the Red Snapper seems obvious. As a disaster rescue suit, the gigantic pressure-powered claws seem to be able to do some serious heavy lifting, although we have no idea how Tony plans on fitting his arms into those tiny little nubs. With a bulkier and more solid-looking core, it looks like this suit provides adequate protection from whatever Tony will be “rescuing” people from.



Mark 38 – Igor

Okay, it calls itself the “heavy lifting” suit, but fans that saw the suit featured in the second theatrical trailer know well and good where Tony got the basic outline for this suit from. We’re surprised that the legendary “hulk-buster” armor comes in blue instead of green, but then again, with a code name like “Igor,” it makes us wonder if Iron Man 3 will make any reference to the jade giant through this obviously inspired design.



Mark 39 – Gemini

The Gemini is another suit that was spotted by eagle eyed Iron Man fans on the latest poster. They theorized that it was Tony’s “deep space” suit and that the end credits sequence of Iron Man 3 may feature Tony blasting off into space to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. Since it’s now been revealed that the sexy white suit is a “sub orbit” suit, that theory may have just been blown apart.



Mark 40 – Shotgun

This sleek and simple design appears to be fine tuned to be Tony’s ultra-aerodynamic high-speed flight suit. We have no idea if the suit will also feature secret velocity boosters, but since it appears to be Tony’s fastest suit, there must be some secrets up Shotgun’s sleeve.



According to interviews with Kevin Feige, Tony Stark will be hard at work in Iron Man 3 building not just these six suits, but 39 brand new suits, leading up to the reveal of the Mark XLVII. Remember, Tony’s Avengers suit (the one that barely endured the Battle of New York) was only Mark VII. With only six new suits revealed, one must wonder if the official Iron Man 3 Facebook page won’t be introducing more as the premiere date for Iron Man 3 grows closer.

In fact, a recent TV spot gave us some rather spoilery footage of one of the main Iron Man players suiting up in what appears to be another brand new suit. If that suit is what we think it is, then we might already know it’s codename: Rescue.

What other suits do you think we’ll see in ‘Iron Man 3’?

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