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Interview: ‘2040’ web series creators talk launching online comedy

2040 is Hypable’s featured web series, once again, because the second episode was just that good! Watch it now, and read our exclusive interview with the creators.

A few months back, we praised the premiere episode of 2040. The comedy web series follows a group of young filmmakers who try to use Kickstarter to get their rom-com production off the ground.

It is written and created by Brendan Fitzgibbons, Hailey Giles, Arturo Castro and Adam Rothfeld, and starring everyone but Rothfeld.

The second episode was recently released, and introduces the hilarious new character Cristos (played by Gonzalo Bouza):

Are you enjoying the web series so far? Read on for our exclusive interview with the show’s four creators, who talk us through the creative process of launching and producing a web series:

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How did you all get together for this project?

Arturo and Brendan used to work together on a live comedy theatre experience. We clicked and were both eager to work on a project together. Then one day Arturo got into a cab and was chatting with the driver, who happened to be a friend of Adam’s, and the driver mentioned that Adam is a writer after Arturo revealed that he’s an actor.

At the end of the ride the credit card reader wasn’t working, so Adam’s friend told Arturo not to worry about the fare if he would meet with Adam and talk shop. Hailey was working as a casting assistant for an audition that Arturo attended, and she mentioned that she’s a producer, among other things, and all the pieces fell into place.

What inspired you to make a show about a Kickstarter campaign?

We began writing the series at a time when it seemed everyone was getting Kickstarter emails from everyone they knew for all sorts of crazy – and often not worthwhile – ideas. The final straw was when we saw a Kickstarter campaign for a couple that simply wanted to move to Quebec.

In as few words as you can, tell me why people should watch ‘2040’!

People should watch 2040 because our main goal is to make each other laugh as friends, and by watching the show, it’s like you’re in on the joke, hanging out with us. Also Arturo needs a green card.

The show is very funny. Who writes the best jokes?

We get most of our jokes from chain emails. The ones we write ourselves are a collaboration, so much so that it’s hard to remember who wrote which jokes. Basically our jokes don’t know who their real father is.

So, what’s with the whole Zach Braff thing? Is it more than just a nod to his own Kickstarter connection?

His Kickstarter was a jumping off point. We also found out that Brendan is convinced that he was Zach Braff in a previous life. We tried explaining how this was impossible in a logical, not spiritual way. Namaste.

How many episodes/seasons are planned?

We are planning six episodes for the first season, and then the sky is the limit.

When is episode 3 coming out?

What are you, a cop? Two weeks.

What kind of feedback have you gotten so far? Have you gotten more/less attention than you expected?

We didn’t expect any attention; we just made it because we thought it was funny, and then we got some very positive reviews from various websites. 2040 seems to appeal to a wide demographic, from the lowliest king to the mightiest hobo.

What other projects are you (individually or together) working on right now?

Brendan does stand-up, Arturo is acting in Optimum commercials, and Adam is watching Optimum cable TV. We are also collaborating on writing and shooting sketches outside of 2040.

Is there actually a ‘2040’ movie script out there?

Yes, but the working title is “Remains of the Day.”

What are your hopes for ‘2040’? Are you hoping to make more web projects, or is your goal to be picked up by a network?

We would love to have 2040 picked up by a network, but we also see it as a jumping off point for a production company and creating more content that makes us laugh.

As creators, what are the main benefits and drawbacks of creating a web series?

The benefit is we have total control of the content. The drawback is having to call in favors and sink our own money into the project. Hypable, we’re looking at you, but not in a Kickstarter way.

Thanks for that, guys!

If you haven’t yet, go social media stalk the creative team and tell them how great their show is:

Brendan Fitzgibbons: Website / Twitter
Hailey Giles: Website / Twitter
Arturo Castro: Website / Twitter

Check back to Hypable soon for more web series content.

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