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Interview: ‘Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ star Daniel Vincent Gordh on episode 99, Dizzie Day, more [part 1]

Daniel Vincent Gordh speaks to Hypable exclusively about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the reaction to Dizzie Day and that kiss, on-screen chemistry, and more.

Last Thursday the Lizzie Bennet Diaries fandom exploded when Lizzie and Darcy finally locked lips. Once we had recovered, we decided we had to speak to the man behind the bowtie, Daniel Vincent Gordh himself. We were lucky enough to speak to Gordh as part of our series of Lizzie Bennet Diaries interviews. In the first part of our interview, find out how he felt on Dizzie Day and Darcy Day, how he and co-star Ashley Clements developed that sizzling onscreen chemistry, and much more.

Hypable’s interview with Daniel Vincent Gordh:

Hypable: There was a huge fan response to Dizzie Day, or episode 98. How did that feel?

Daniel Vincent Gordh: I feel like every step of the way with this project I just feel grateful, because I have been acting for a long time and it’s hard to get people to care about something that you do, as much as people do about this. It wasn’t a surprise how people reacted, but the overwhelming feeling was of gratitude, which some people have noticed was the same as the title of the episode.

It was definitely the craziest day in terms of fans reaching out to me. The numbers on the video with the likes and views were wild, which also makes sense because we’re at a part where the viewership of the show is bigger than ever before. More people are along for the journey now than ever. But what that meant was that, in terms of the internet reaction, the volume of it was insane.

For me, I wasn’t surprised. I felt that everyone had a right to go as crazy as they wanted in terms of how they reacted to it, because they’ve been along for the ride with the show for a year now, basically, and this is the moment everyone has been waiting for. Not in terms of the kiss specifically, the kiss is emblematic of a story moment for Lizzie. They were very patient to get to that point, so it was a big release it felt like, of anticipation that has been building up for over a year. It was like super Christmas.

For you personally, how did that compare with Darcy Day?

It was very different for me personally because I have now been involved for so much longer than I was that first day. That first day, on what is now called Darcy Day and was my first appearance on the show, it was a similar kind of release of anticipation, because we kind of did it to them twice. For me it was different because I knew what to expect.

The first day, I was just introduced to everyone, and I was much more overwhelmed, and much more an innocent so to speak. I felt like it was my first day at school. And this time I was able to take a step back, and not have that perspective of “Oh, what’s happening to me?” and more look at how the fans were reacting to the story.

We are in the last week of the show now, and you were in the preview for episode 99. I’ve seen the fans try to lipread what you’re saying.

I don’t think they’ve ever gotten it right.

I don’t think so either but it’s always so funny. It’s great to watch.

And I’m not blaming them, it’s hard to lipread.

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