2:30 pm EDT, August 13, 2015

‘Inside Out’ short film coming this fall: The Emotions deal with dating

The first clip from 'Riley's First Date' has been released

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We all loved Pixar’s Inside Out when it hit theaters in June. Want more from that interesting world? Now we have a short film to look forward to!

The first Inside Out short titled “Riley’s First Date” was announced Thursday and brings back Riley, her family, and all of their emotions. It’ll premiere on the Digital and Blu-ray releases of Inside Out which arrive October 13 and November 3 respectively.

In the clip, a boy drops by Riley’s San Francisco home and appears to be interested in going on a date. Her parents are naturally concerned about the news, and their emotions run appropriately wild. Riley’s emotions, led by Joy (Amy Poehler), are “Disgust”-ed and “Sad”-dended by how her parents are handling the situation.

Watch below:

Inside Out was one of the most thought-provoking and heartwarming animated films in history, so it’ll be hard for this short film to live up to expectations. Then again, short films spun off of popular feature-length movies never do live up to the quality of the original.

Sorry… our Sadness is showing.

Inside Out was widely considered a return to form for Pixar, and the box office success reminds you of that: The film has made $336 million in the United States, making it Pixar’s third-highest performer (Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3 come in second and first respectively).

Later this year Pixar will release another original film, The Good Dinosaur. Call us crazy, but it looks just as good as Inside Out!

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