With Disney looking to reboot Indiana Jones with Chris Pratt in the lead role, Steven Spielberg is reportedly looking to direct the reboot.

Steven Spielberg directed all four of the previous Indiana Jones films with Harrison Ford in the lead, and it looks like he may wish to continue the franchise that he started. A new report from Deadline suggests that Spielberg is who wants Chris Pratt to star as Indiana Jones, and if a script is worthy, he wants to direct the film.

Spielberg’s camp is reportedly saying that it’s a bit too early to say whether he’ll be directing the project or not, as there isn’t a script yet, but it seems that the Indiana Jones reboot is moving forward.

The director reportedly hand-picked Chris Pratt to star in Jurassic World, which is the first new film in that franchise in 14 years. Spielberg often likes working with the same actors on other projects, and he reportedly loves Pratt.

It’s very possible that Pratt could end up playing the iconic character. It felt like the perfect fit to us back when it was reported he was being eyed by Disney for the reboot, and while we know Pratt will be busy with Guardians of the Galaxy’s sequel, we hope that he takes a look at playing Jones.

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While we normally don’t like to see studios rebooting franchises, this is one that we think could do well, especially if Steven Spielberg is in the directing chair. There are many new stories that could be told with Chris Pratt as the lead, and he’s proven to be incredibly enjoyable to watch on the big screen.

Fans of the original Indiana Jones’ trilogy weren’t too happy about Spielberg’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, but we think enough time has passed, and Chris Pratt would bring a whole new feel to the series.

Disney purchased some of the rights to the character when it bought Lucasfilm back in 2012 for a cool $4 billion, but Paramount was still in control of some part of the franchise. Disney finalized a deal with Paramount in 2013, which gives them complete control over Indiana Jones.

Considering what Disney has done with the Star Wars franchise, we have to imagine they’re doing everything possible to get an Indiana Jones reboot into production. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on Spielberg’s next move, as he has a few films on his plate right now.

Steven Spielberg’s last film was 2012’s Lincoln, which won three Oscars, including a Best Director nomination.

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