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‘In The Soop’: Big Hit’s new camping reality series with BTS

Get ready for more BTS on your screens, Big Hit Entertainment is debuting a new reality series in August titled In The Soop!

Editor’s note: We’ll update this article as more information about In The Soop is revealed!

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BTS ‘In The Soop’ teasers

So far, Big Hit has only released one teaser trailer for In The Soop! In the teaser you can hear the members of BTS talkign about the concept of the series.

“‘They aren’t much different from other people.’ I think that idea in itself is what will have been captured.” – Yoongi

“I think we’re able to show our natural selves.” – Taehyung

“An ambience that naturally finds place.” – Jin

“Being able to spend time with these precious people.” – Jungkook

“Reviving the emotions that had been forgotten among us.” – Hoseok

“Rather, I feel very grateful for this week.” – Jimin

“It really feels like a gift from the forest.” – Namjoon

Big Hit released a second teaser trailer for In The Soop, showing off the BTS members relaxing and enjoying the outdoors together.

A third In The Soop teaser was released, which showed more of the actives the members will be doing. It looks like the happy campers will be fishing, painting, relaxing in the hammock, canoeing, cooking, chopping wood, playing games, and more fun outdoors!

What we know about ‘In The Soop’

In The Soop is teased as, “a week in the forest, a gift for BTS.” The new camping reality series featuring BTS will be available for viewing on both Weverse and broadcasted on TV in South Korea.

Originally, fans spotted the series as it was submitted for ratings review in South Korea which also led to the discovery of trademarks filed earlier this month.

The title submitted for review was “In The SOOP BTS ver. Ep.1” as seen in the screenshot below. The title of the series implies that In The Soop could feature multiple Big Hit artists.

While it seems like In The Soop is Big Hit’s answer to BTS not being to travel at the moment, it’s very possible that they’ve decided not to make it exclusive to one group.

It makes sense that they would want to use the same format for their other artists like TXT and possibly even the groups from their other labels like GFriend and Seventeen.

When will ‘In The Soop’ air?

According to information on Weverse, the first episode will be available starting on August 20th at 12 AM (KST). Pre-orders for the series will start prior to the series airing on August 4th at 6 PM (KST).

The series will feature 16 episodes (8 regular episodes and 8 behind-the-scenes episodes), which will air from August 20, 2020 until October 6, 2020 at 12 AM (KST) every Thursday, with behind-the-scenes airing at 9 PM every Tuesday. The episodes will be approximately 80 minutes long, while behind-the-scenes will be an additional 10 minutes.

Episode schedule:

In The Soop BTS ver. episode 1 – August 20
● Behind-the-scenes episode 1 – August 25
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 2 – August 27
● Behind-the-scenes episode 2 – September 1
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 3 – September 3
● Behind-the-scenes episode 3 -September 8
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 4 – September 10
● Behind-the-scenes episode 4 – September 15
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 5 – September 17
● Behind-the-scenes episode 5 – September 22
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 6 – September 24
● Behind-the-scenes episode 6 – September 29
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 7 – October 1
● Behind-the-scenes episode 7 – October 6
In The Soop BTS ver. episode 8 – October 8
● Behind-the-scenes episode 8 – October 13

‘Bon Voyage’ season 5

With the news of In The Soop, I think it’s safe to say that Bon Voyage is being shelved for the time being. Does that mean that we’ll never get Bon Voyage season 5? Not necessarily.

I would assume that In The Soop is just a temporary means to replace Bon Voyage season 5 until it can be safely filmed. Of course, we will just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

Although it’s fun to see the guys travel for Bon Voyage, In The Soop is not a bad alternative at all. It should be easier on their bodies to stay within South Korea (no jet leg) and could mean they have even more fun filming. Which is a win/win situation for BTS and ARMY.

‘In The Soop’ to air on JTBC in South Korea

In South Korea, viewers will also be able to watch In The Soop on JTBC channel. The episodes on JTBC will consist of 8 episodes and will air 11 PM KST every Wednesday. Production on the series was handled by Big Hit Entertainment.

Are you excited for ‘In The Soop’?

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