11:45 am EDT, August 10, 2014

Ian Bohen, Holland Roden talk about family in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4

Hypable caught up with Ian Bohen (Peter) and Holland Roden (Lydia) this weekend to discuss their thoughts on the role of family in Teen Wolf season 4.

At the Creatures of the Night Convention in Sydney, we talked to two of the current stars of Teen Wolf season 4 and asked them about their characters’ families and how they might play a role on the show.

When we asked Bohen about the memories taken from him, and whether or not he knows who Malia’s mother is, he says, “In terms of the story and how it’s going to be written, I don’t know the answer, but what I’m going with is that who it was was also taken from him. So, he’s thinking back to who it could’ve been, and I don’t know how many options there are [laughs], but he is desperate to find out. I think he has an inkling, and that might be an interesting take on it, but at the moment I don’t think he knows who it is. I think that’ll be the next thing for him to try to figure out.”

Describing the scene between Peter and Malia when Peter comes face to face with his daughter for the first time, Bohen says, “And that’s why when he asks, ‘You have beautiful eyes, did you get them from your father?’ she says, ‘My mother,’ and his mind starts clicking, and he says, ‘Interesting.’ You can see him going, ‘Okay, who does she look like? Who could it be?'”

Our first question to Roden had to do with Lydia’s current financial struggles. Money troubles seem to be a theme for many of our heroes this season. When asked what she thought about how Lydia got into that situation, Roden says, “Like most markets these days, it comes upon you without really realizing what’s happening until it’s already there, and I think Jeff [Davis, executive producer] wanted to incorporate issues where you’re obviously not void to what your parents are going through, and so taking on some of the burden is just a realistic teenager issue that’s going on today.”

But it’s not just Lydia’s current situation that’s causing trouble. In episode 7, titled “Weaponized,” Lydia finds a picture of the other banshee Meredith in the Martin’s lake house. Roden says of Lydia’s reaction, “She’s creeped out! Obviously [Meredith is] more involved, more integral to the web than she once thought, and so I think she couldn’t solve this mystery, so to speak, of last season, which included some of her best friends dying. I think she feels a need to make up for what she couldn’t do last season.”

So, what will Lydia do with this information? Roden says, “And now, going forward, if she’s finding a picture of this creepy girl that was terrorizing Beacon Hills last season, she’s curious to see why was her family involved? If anybody found that out about their family, I think they’d be confused and intrigued at the same time.”

You can listen to the entire interview on the Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Tumblr, which includes additional information about Peter’s motives and a short interview with Max Carver (Aiden), who also speaks about his new show The Leftovers.

How do you feel about Peter so far this season on ‘Teen Wolf’?

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