Hypable’s Most Anticipated Games for 2013

1:30 pm EDT, December 27, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. Now that 2012 is coming to a close, check out what we think are the most anticipated games of 2013.

While only ten games made our list, 2013 is already shaping up to be an incredible year for games with the likes of DmC: Devil May CryDead Space 3, Pikmin 3 and the Tomb Raider reboot all just missing out.

10. Next-gen consoles (Unknown)

Next-gen console

While not a game, and not technically announced as of yet, we can’t wait to hopefully see new consoles from Microsoft and Sony next year, not to mention the confirmed Steam Box from Valve. Nintendo launched their next-gen console in the Wii U in November and all signs point to the other two at least announcing theirs this year, possibly at E3. The Xbox 360 was released in 2006 and the PlayStation 3 in 2007, meaning this generation has been around for almost seven years. With the lack of new IP and video game sales down in 2012, it looks like both developers and consumers agree with our sentiment. Let’s hope both companies give all of us what we want in 2013.

9. Rayman Legends (February 26)

Rayman Legends

Rayman Origins stole our hearts with its delightful art style and challenging platforming in 2011 so we can’t wait for its sequel, Rayman Legends, coming from Ubisoft in 2013. We’re not only excited just because it’s a sequel to Origins, but also because it looks to be  a good reason to own a Wii U. Outside of Pikmin 3 there’s not much for the first part of the year exclusive to the console so Rayman Legends will nicely fill that hole in owner’s consoles until Nintendo announces more at E3 2013.

8. SimCity (March 5)


Resurrecting one of the best-loved gaming series of all time after almost ten years without a release is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. The original developers, Maxis, now fully under EA’s control, are back to develop the first proper SimCity game since SimCity 4. With a new engine, more customisation and curved roads, plus 26 awards already bestowed upon it, SimCity promises much. Whether the need for a permanent Internet connection, the relentless focus on multiplayer, and the lack of multiple saved games will sink SimCity remains to be seen, but we’re hoping the reboot will provide a good mix of nostalgia, addictive and fresh gameplay; and, of course, reticulated splines.

7. Double Fine Adventure (Q2 2013)

Double Fine Adventure not only marks the next game from one of our favorite developers, there’s extra excitement as it was the first project to really kick off the Kickstarter phenomenon that was one of the biggest trends in 2012. What’s not to like with Double Fine Adventure? Tim Schafer returns to the genre that made him a household name in the gaming industry alongside one of the most creative teams there is. Let’s hope this one doesn’t disappoint.

6. South Park: The Stick of Truth (May 2013)

South Park

After publisher THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, there’s extra pressure on South Park: The Stick of Truth to not only be great critically, but also commercially. Luckily, with Obsidian Entertainment behind the helm to provide the solid mechanics and serie’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone working close alongside the project, ensuring the humor will be on point, there’s a good chance of just that happening.

5. Beyond: Two Souls (2013)

Beyond Two Souls

Quantic Dream’s previous title, Heavy Rain, showed promise in the developing a video game narrative for a mature audience with irregular gameplay when it released in 2010. In Beyond: Two Souls, David Cage and company look to take that progress and improve upon it even more. Though we know little about the title outside of the debut trailer shown at E3, and that Ellen Page will provide the voice for the main character, we can’t wait to experience what is in store.

4. Watch Dogs (2013)

Watch Dogs

Another title we know little about outside of its brief showing at E3 2012, Watch Dogs impressed us enough during its trailer to get our minds racing in anticipation. Coming from Ubisoft Montreal, developers of both the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry series, there’s already pedigree to be excited about. Add in the ambitious promise of an open world setting with the ability to hack almost anything paired with an intriguing narrative based around information warfare it’s easy to see where the anticipation comes from. Watch Dogs could be one of next year’s best.

3. The Last of Us (May 7)

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s follow-up to the Uncharted trilogy has been hotly anticipated from the moment it was revealed, and the wanting has only grown since as more and more is revealed about the project. The Last of Us looks as bleek as any post-apocalyptic setting we’ve seen and the dynamic between Joel and Ellie already has us caring about the characters.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5 (Q2 2013)


Although we don’t yet know an official release date, when Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 does hit (most likely May), it will most likely do so with a very big splash considering the performance of its predecessor earlier in the console generation. Going back to Los Santos and with the biggest game world in series history, GTA 5 looks to be bigger and better than any of the previous entries. Rockstar also seems to be making big changes to the series with three playable characters that the player can jump between. Whatever GTA 5 brings to the table, we’re happy to have the series back.

1. Bioshock Infinite (March 26)

Bioshock Infinite

Several delays and news of members of the development team leaving haven’t scared us off from Bioshock Infinite. If anything, the waiting has only increased our appetite to experience the world of Columbia. So far, anything we’ve seen from the game has been breathtaking, from the floating city itself to the travel and combat benefits of the sky rails to the incredible voice acting. Irrational Games has the pedigree to expect greatness from, and we expect Bioshock Infinite to be nothing less than to be one of 2013’s best titles.

If you missed our earlier end of the year coverage, be sure to check out our top five games of 2012 and our top five indie games of the year.

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