It’s time to see which couple can get more votes as Battleships continues! Will it be Amy and Rory from Doctor Who or Sherlock and Molly from Sherlock? You decide!


For the past couple of weeks you’ve been busy deciding which couples from which shows you’d like to see compete in our shipping tournament, BattleShips. Now that each couple has been selected for their fandoms, it’s time for them to face the music and battle the other fandoms to see which couple has the biggest voice!

This year’s theme was runners-up, but we gave you all a chance to oust the runners-up from last year with your personal favorite ship. Six out of the sixteen couples have been replaced by ships that have proven themselves to have a huge community behind them, but the question is: Which ship will last until the end?

Will an underdog couple beat the odds and come out on top, or will the well-known couple be crowned as Hypable’s Ship of the Year? You get the say!


Each VS round will last 48 hours. This will give your fandom plenty of time to find out about the battle and help you in your quest to beat out the other ship!

However, if you or your fandom decide to find out ways to cheat, scam or con your way to the next round we will crown the other ship winner of the round. We have our eyes on all the social networks and we’ll be able to figure out if your fandom is cheating, so don’t ruin it for everyone!

Sudden Death
We know that sometimes a race can get pretty close, so that’s why we’ve created the Sudden Death round. If a round between ships ends with a margin of 150 votes or less then the next day there will be a Sudden Death round.

Sudden Death rounds will last 6 hours, and the poll will start with a clean slate. Whichever fandom manages to get the most votes in 6 hours will be the winner and move on to the next round.


Well, now that you’ve read how BattleShips works it’s time to vote for your favorite ship!

Today we’re pitting Amy and Rory in Doctor Who against Sherlock and Molly from Sherlock. Which couple do you think has a chance to come out on top? Vote and let us know in the comments!


Round 11Click for larger view.

Who did you vote for in today’s BattleShips?

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