favouritecharacterheaderWe all know that when you use a spell for your own personal reasons instead of helping your innocents, there’s personal gain that affects you. The most hysterical case of personal gain was in season 4, episode 2, “Hell Hath No Fury,” when Paige got more than she bargained for.

The increase in Paige’s chest size was a reference to McGowan being in Scream, where her character got killed because her breasts were too big to let her through a cat flap.

If you’ve forgotten the episode in question, Paige just recently discovered she was a witch, and when she was introduced to the Book of Shadows, she was so fascinated with the spells inside that she thought she could use them to help her friends.

Because Paige was using magic to help her friends and not innocents, she suffered personal gain, which increased her breast size by a ridiculous amount. This led to many a hysterical moment for Paige and the people around her when they noticed the sudden change.

Check out a clip compilation of the hysterical moments below!


synopsisheaderCharmed is filled with emotional moments, and almost every character on this show has shed a tear, whether it was family or a romantic interest that caused it. But there is no question about what the show’s most emotional moment was: Prue’s death.

When Prue died at the send of season 3, it was a shock. Not just to us, but to the characters. They’d fought demon after demon, and conquered their own fears. Who thought that she would die from a demonic hit man the Source hired? Especially when time was rewound, and we thought the sisters were safe… we lost the most powerful witch in the bunch.

The episode was emotional, and it sent shockwaves through to the fourth season when Piper had still yet to cope with Prue being gone. Seeing her turn into a Fury in episode 12, “Hell Hath No Fury,” was absolutely devastating. We still remember her yelling at her sister’s tombstone, and we’ll be hard pressed to find a more emotional moment in the show.



favouritecharacterheaderIn its eight years on television there were so many twists and turns, but we feel one of the biggest twists in general was the mystery of who Chris was when he appeared at the end of season 5 and began being more prominent in season 6.

When we saw Chris in that season 5 finale, he blew up Leo’s orb as he was traveling away, which caused a lot of us to think he’d just killed them, and up until then we thought he was the good guy. When he started sending the sisters after demons so frequently and being all mysterious, we had no idea this guy was Piper’s son! Imagine our surprise when we realized what was actually happening.

funfactpinkHolly Marie Combs is the only actress to appear in every single episode during the eight season run and the unaired pilot.

There have been other reveals and twists, of course, but Chris played such a huge, huge part of the sisters’ lives that we had to put him in as the biggest twist! This writer remembers thinking, “Oh my god, they should have one of the sisters’ sons from the future” back in season 3 or 4, and the fact it actually happened blew him away. You could say the writers from Charmed have empath abilities of their own!

In the end, we grew to love Chris, no matter how suspicious we were of him when we had no idea who he was. As one of the most integral parts of the story, and one of the more attractive male members of the cast, we just can’t leave him out of this Fandom Flashback.


synopsisheaderWe all know that after reading this Fandom Flashback you’re going to be running off to find out where to watch more Charmed, right? Of course you are.

Lucky for you, the show is currently available on Netflix! Or, if you’d rather find a set and buy it for yourself, if you haven’t already, there’s a pretty good deal happening on Amazon right now where you can get the Book of Shadows DVD collection for only $100. Okay, it’s a little pricey, but c’mon. You get your own Book of Shadows. That’s awesome! This writer owns it, and it is magical.


synopsisheaderOkay! Now that we’ve gone down memory lane, we have a poll! Now that Charmed is coming back with that reboot, how do you want it to be similar?

A reboot can either be drastically different or incorporate several things from the original into their work, so this CBS reboot can go either way at this point. But we want to know what the fans think! Be sure to vote and share your thoughts in the comments!

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We hope you enjoyed our first Fandom Flashback! We have a gigantic list of shows that we’ll be covering each week, so stay tuned for your favorite classic!

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