12:32 pm EDT, April 21, 2012

Hypable Book Review: ‘Until I Die’ by Amy Plum

Until I Die is the second book in the Revenants series and it doesn’t disappoint. Amy Plum has crafted an intriguing novel with unique lore and strong characters all set in the beautiful city of Paris.

The story is orientated to a more in depth look at Revenant lore, so we are plunged deeper into their background and dark history. Amy Plum has created a very unique lore and her attention to detail weaves a rich tapestry of romance, action and fun.  Vincent remains the noble revenant but with his love for Kate he seeks to find a solution that both he and Kate can live with. This creates the basis of the plot for book 2.

The characters are well drawn and make the story. This novel isn’t as fast paced as Die For Me but it adds new characters that are incredibly enjoyable. Georgia, Kate’s sister, is more involved in the story and livens things up. Georgia’s confidence is an excellent example of self-assured girl. Arthur is cranky but surprisingly intriguing. And Violette is a lot of fun, outgoing, and charming when she wants to be. The new characters and more Georgia add a new level to this already great story.

Overall Until I Die will leave readers longing for the final book. The ending is a dramatic cliffhanger that not every author could pull off, but Amy Plum does it well. It is a daring move from a daring author and I think readers with both love it and hate it for all the right reasons. Until I Die is the perfect middle book leading up to the big finale we are all waiting for in If I Should Die. Lovers of paranormal romance won’t be able to put this book down.


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