12:45 pm EDT, November 18, 2011

Hypable Book Review: ‘Clockwork Prince’ by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Prince is quite possibly Cassandra Clare’s best novel ever.  I know that is saying a lot, but there is just something so special about these characters and this story.

Clockwork Prince begins not long after Clockwork Angel ends.  Tessa, Will and the rest of the London Institute are brought before Clave to discuss the events with the Magister and Tessa’s brother Nathan.  As things begin to change at the Institute the dynamic between characters begins to change as well.  Loyalties are tested and when you least expect it the story twists in a new direction as only Cassandra Clare can do.

The story unfolds with witty banter and hilarious one liners that will become your favorite quotes.  Clare handles the plot with subtly and pulls you in page after page making it hard to put the book down.  The characters are fully fleshed out and show growth as they continue on their journey.  Tessa shows strength beyond her sixteen years, evolving into a fierce young woman torn between knowing what is right for her and dealing with wanting something completely different.  Tessa does not fall into the category of silly female corner of the love triangle.  There is so much more to her, making her someone female readers will look up to and male readers will respect.  Jem continues to be a beautiful, tolerant person; however there is a new side to Jem that challenges all we know about the “nice guy” and I think readers will love.  Then there is Will.  While he is still Will, the cracks begin to show in his ability to keep everyone at a distance.  Discovering what makes Will the way he is is one of the best moments in the whole book.  The character development is strong amongst all the characters which provides the story depth.

Clockwork Prince is a stunning sequel worth the hype and anticipation.  There are scenes that will make you laugh out loud and within a few flips of the page you’ll have tears streaming down your face.  The story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster twisting and turning when you least expect it.  For those who have read Clare’s other books you can expect at least one kissing scene that will leave you breathless and a scene so heartbreaking you’ll feel broken for days after finishing.

Are you counting down the days until December 6th? What are you most looking forward in Clockwork Prince? Tell us your predictions!

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