12:00 pm EDT, December 3, 2012

Hypable’s BattleShips, The Final Battle: ‘Glee’ vs ‘Doctor Who’

All of the voting and all of the rallying of BattleShips reaches it’s conclusion today as we begin the 60 hour voting period for the championship round. Who will be named reigning Ship? Will it be Kurt & Blaine or Rose & The Doctor? You decide!

We started BattleShips on October 9th, nearly two months later it’s finally drawing to a close. We’ve seen ships sink and float all the way to the finals, and shipping communities have come out to show their support for their OTPs in hopes that their ship will be named Hypable’s Reigning Ship.

We started with 16 fandoms, and now you can take a look at how all the votes turned out and see just how close some of these battles were in our infographic below. The poll for the final battle is directly under, so don’t forget to vote for your favorite! And be sure to check out the column What I Learned from BattleShips for a recap of it voiced by the host, Tariq Herzallah.

UPDATE: See the BattleShip winner at the end of this article!

battleships graphic fixed

Voting has ended and the winner is… Klaine from Glee!

Kurt and Blaine received 21,157 votes, while Rose and The 10th Doctor received 21,136 votes.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in Hypable’s first ever BattleShips tournament. Because of its wild success, we have several ideas for future BattleShip tournaments and will be hosting those in the future. In the mean time, we hope you continue to use Hypable for all your fandom needs.

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