Fans looking to get an immersive experience into the worlds of Lionsgate Movies like The Hunger Games, Twilight and more, will soon get the chance!

Lionsgate films announced on Tuesday (August 15) that it had officially licensed its movie properties to Landing Jeju Development Co., effectively allowing the theme park operator to develop and open a Lionsgate Movie World at Jeju Shinhwa World theme park in South Korea.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the theme park, due to open in 2019, is set to span around 1.3 million square feet and will include rides, streetscapes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and entertainment performances all themed around some of Lionsgate’s most popular films.

The plan is to divide the proposed theme park into seven different movie zones, which will include immersive experiences for films including The Hunger Games, Twilight, Now You See Me, and Lionsgate’s upcoming Robin Hood: Origins (set to be released in theaters in 2018).

“We’re pleased to partner with our friends at Landing International, one of Asia’s premiere developers, on our first branded outdoor theme park and one of our largest and most exciting location-based entertainment destinations,” said Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer in a statement announcing the development.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a theme park centered around the likes of some of Lionsgates’ biggest entities.

In November of 2015, we learned via a report with the New York Times that Lionsgate was in the midst of going forward with two different theme parks centered around The Hunger Games. The first is set to open as part of Dubai’s Motiongate park, and Lionsgate was looking into purchasing land in Atlanta for the second.

Per NYT’s original report, which included concept art, the idea for the proposed theme park was set to be centered around District 12, and would feature a handful thrill rides including a roller coaster, and a simulator ride.

The jury’s still out among fans with regards to whether or not a theme park centered solely on The Hunger Games is a good idea. Given that Lionsgate seems pretty set on the idea of getting into the theme park business however, perhaps Jeju Shinhwa World’s idea to open a park that’ll celebrate more than one of the film company’s entities is the best way to go.

Would you be interested in visiting a Lionsgate theme park like the one opening in South Korea? Let us know in the comments below!

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