2:45 pm EDT, September 25, 2015

First Look: Funko creates ‘Hunger Games’ Pop! vinyl figurines

Capitol enthusiasts and rebels alike will enjoy these new Funko Pop! vinyl figurines featuring characters from The Hunger Games series.

As if we didn’t already have enough trouble keeping our Funko obsession to a minimum. Now we’ve got several more reasons to buy some extra shelves just to hold all our Pop! vinyls.

The world of The Hunger Games has entered the Funko arena, bringing with it seven new figurines for you to collect. The Nerdist got the exclusive, and you can see their images of each new Funko below:

First up are classic Katniss and Peeta, holding a bow and a spear, respectively.

Funko Katniss Bow

Funko Peeta Spear

Then we’ve got two big Capitol figures: President Snow, with champagne in one hand (sans blood) and a rose in his pocket, and Effie Trinket, sporting her infamous pink outfit from the first movie.

Funko Snow

Funko Effie Pink

We then have three more Katniss Everdeen figures in three iconic outfits. First is the Girl on Fire dress, complete with flames along the bottom. Then, there’s her wedding dress that Snow forced her to wear during the interviews in Catching Fire, which turned into the Mockingjay outfit.

Funko Katniss Fire Dress

Funko Katniss Wedding Dress

Funko Katniss Mockingjay

Notably absent, of course, is a figure for Gale, who is surely prominent enough in the films to earn his own Pop! figurine. Considering the number of Katniss vinyls, though, we’re certain Funko just wanted to capitalize on each different version of the title character.

Plus, let’s face it: There will be plenty more Hunger Games figures coming soon. Perhaps we can look forward to Prim, Cinna, Haymitch, Rue, Finnick, and many, many more.

And if they don’t feature several more of Effie’s outrageous outfits, we’ll be the ones rioting next.

The Nerdist says these vinyls will be going on sale within the next two weeks.

Will you be adding any of these ‘Hunger Games’ Funko Pop! vinyl figurines to your collection?

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