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Seventeen struggles only Hufflepuffs would understand

Ever since the HP books were first written, Hufflepuff has always been the punchline.

That’s hardly a surprise, when the main conflict is between Gryffindors (who’d rather go on an adventure than work hard for something) and Slytherins (who are too busy being blonde rich assholes). Sure, if you read between the lines, it turns out that Hufflepuff is actually the best… but not everyone reads closely enough for that. So those of us who are proud of our Hufflepuff housing have to deal with a lot of flack.

Enter Puffs. Ever since the show exploded onto the NYC theatre scene almost three years ago, the Puffs who see it are filled with a sense of pride, and gratitude at finally being seen. Plenty of us don’t fight basilisks in our everyday lives; we don’t hug Dark Lords or become valedictorians. But we’re all heroes, in some way, to someone… and that’s pretty cool.

As Helga says, “Being brave, or smart, or… snakes is great. But why be one thing, when you can be everything else? Yes? Yes.”

‘Puffs the Play’ is running now off Broadway at New World Stages in New York City. Click here for a special ticket discount!

(And check out our review — we LOVE it!)

Ever since the HP community in New York City has become obsessed with Puffs, there is a newfound respect for the members of Hufflepuff House, even predating the Fantastic Beasts films that finally shone the spotlight on a Hufflepuff. There is respect for the people who work hard, who remain loyal and true, and who play fair even when life is anything but.

So yeah, being a Hufflepuff is amazing! For some reason, though, there are still people who don’t seem to get that.

We’ve made a list of all the things Hufflepuffs have to deal with whenever we say which house we belong in, to show the Hogwarts population of the Internet that sometimes being a Hufflepuff is harder than it sounds.

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You instantly get a look of ‘…ew, really?’

You get linked to this video. Every. Damn. Time.

Everyone expects you to find their shit.

You also hear ‘What the HELL is a Hufflepuff’ more often than you care to count.

You have to tell people of any noteworthy Hufflepuffs in order to make your house sound cooler.

No matter what you say, your friends will still think Hufflepuff sucks, but you don’t care.

You’re always trying to explain how Hufflepuff has the best qualities of every house.

People think you’re in the ‘leftovers’ house.

When you tell people that Hufflepuff has an adorable name in French (Poufsouffle), people think it’s even more terrible.

You have to constantly remind people that honey badgers don’t give a crap.

Yellow and black don’t go with ANYTHING.

Whenever you DO wear yellow and black people just think you’re a sports fan from Pittsburgh.

A bunch of Hufflepuffs you know try to say that they’re really a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw hybrid. No, HuffleClaw is NOT a thing. Nor is a Gryffinpuff, or a Slytherpuff.

When your Slytherin friends have kids they say things like ‘Man, I really hope my boys aren’t Hufflepuffs’

Everyone thinks you’re all stoners, just because your Head of House teaches Herbology and you live close to the kitchens. Tell me, Ravenclaws, what is so smart about trekking to and from distant towers every time you need a snack?

You fail. A LOT.

You always get 4th Place in the House Cup, because Dumbledore loves it when the Trio goes on adventures.

You always get screwed over in Quidditch matches, either because Harry caught the Snitch in about twelve seconds or because a giant snake is attacking people.

No one’s ever read The Tragic Yet Rewarding History of the Puffs, which is way less dry than all of Binns’s lectures.

Those Emergency Formations? #4 all the way through #10? Yeah, those take a lot of practice! Good thing the Puffs have the patience to practice them!

Folks don’t understand how delightful it is to go to just go to bed.

No one ever mentions the name of a single Puff who died at the Battle of Hogwarts… even though it was a Puff who was the first to volunteer to fight for Harry.

If there was a Chosen Puff, they’d probably just die. #RememberCedric

But in the end, you know that you and your fellow Hufflepuffs will always be unrecognized BAMFs.

‘Puffs the Play’ is running now off Broadway at New World Stages in New York City. (And check out our review — we LOVE it!)

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