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‘HTGAWM’ season 6, episode 7 review: A fabstinent love triangle

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HTGAWM season 6, episode 7, “I’m the Murderer,” steered away from a conventional trope of the show.

It’s rare on a series that’s largely about people trying to get away with murder that somebody would actually confess to one, but it finally happened. It looks like they’re pulling out all the stops for the final season of How to Get Away With Murder!

Before I talk about the flash forward, I’ll get into some of the meat of HTGAWM season 6, episode 7. Luckily after last week’s slow episode, there’s quite a bit to talk about.

I’ll start with the over-before-it-began love triangle between Michaela, Gabriel, and Asher. Apparently, in the time between episodes 6 and 7, Michaela broke things off with Gabriel using the classic “it’s not you, it’s me” approach. What she didn’t tell him was that in reality, it wasn’t Gabriel, it was Asher. Maybe.

When Michaela finally came clean to Gabriel, I actually felt disappointed that this love triangle didn’t amount to more. I was kind of looking to forward to seeing Michaela work through the options, intrigued by what choice she would make. However, it looks like her choice is to be “fabstinent” once more.

Fortunately, Asher stepped in with one of his most immature comments to date, escalating things very quickly, so this love triangle might not be over after all. Maybe it will even come to physical violence again at some point. Maybe even in the flash forward scene!

Gabriel might have lost his girlfriend in HTGAWM season 6, episode 7, but he did gain a first chair position on this week’s case. I really liked his restorative justice take on this case. I think it forced viewers to look at the crime and the punishment from a different, more nuanced angle, making this one of my favorite cases of HTGAWM season 6.

I also really liked what this case brought out in Gabriel. We got to see him bond even more with Annalise, to the point where she opened up to him about the baby she lost. I really loved how Annalise always knew that the restorative justice case was about alleviating Gabriel’s own guilt, and how she helped him to do so with her words after the final verdict.

Of course, Gabriel wasn’t the only character who Annalise opened up to in HTGAWM season 6, episode 7. She’s also starting to warm up to Mr. Sixth Date. It was so cute to see Annalise be vulnerable and sweet when they were chatting and dancing. As much as I’m desperate for Annalise to end up with a character we already know, it was good to see this softer side of her. I just really, really hope this guy isn’t secretly trying to take her down.


When Annalise needs to take someone down, she calls “Bad Frank.” Sometimes, “Bad Frank” calls in “Good Frank,” and still manages to get the job done! It was cool to see Frank use relatively tame tactics and still be effective. It shows how much he’s grown as a character, and how much he’s learned in his studies. He no longer needs to rely on brute force alone.

However, as effective as his tactics were with Tegan, ultimately his plan failed. Bonnie and Nate still went ahead and filed the wrongful death suit, naming the Governor.

I’m interested to see if this wrongful death suit has made Nate more or less suspicious of Tegan. Sure, she tried to help, but maybe it was all smoke and mirrors to cover her tracks, either in his eyes or in reality. I’m also desperate to know who this random girl on the phone and in the penthouse is!

Now that Bonnie is involved, I fear for what Frank will have to do next, and how it will affect his budding relationship with Bon Bon. Honestly, it feels like they kind of took the Frank and Bonnie thing from zero to 60 very quickly.

I’ll admit, my defenses were up when Frank called Bonnie the “love of his life” and made her his special sauce. A part of me will always be holding on to Flaurel. That being said, Laurel is still nowhere to be found, and I think what Frank and Bonnie are working toward could be really good.

Annalise on the other hand, is not on team Frank and Bonnie. I thought it was interesting that she was so vocal about her opinion to Frank. As much as she trusts him, she knows his relationship history and doesn’t think that he’s good enough for Bonnie. Hopefully he can prove to them both (and us) that he’s reformed, but that’s going to be tricky if this wrongful death suit continues to escalate on HTGAWM.


On a completely different note, I’m sad to say that HTGAWM has already peaked for me for the season. There’s literally no way they could possibly top Oliver dancing for Connor on webcam! Don’t even try guys. You flew too close to the sun with this one.

Now, do I think these webcams are going to end up having a hand in something really creepy and sinister? Absolutely. If I didn’t already know that the murder took place in the OG HTGAWM apartment building, I would be positive that these cameras were going to capture it. However, they could still show somebody carrying the murder weapon or something along those lines.

Of all the people who I thought would be yelling “I’m the murderer” in HTGAWM season 6, episode 7, Oliver would probably be last on the list. Is it bad that my biggest takeaway from this week’s flash forward was relief that both Oliver and Frank are safe? They are precious and they shall not be harmed.

Given Oliver’s reaction, I’d say he’s either telling the truth, and was somehow involved in the murder, or he’s covering for Connor. Frank’s comment would lend itself to the latter. Connor’s heart attack would also fit with either of these, but thankfully we now know it doesn’t mean that Oliver’s dead.

As for the deceased, the playing field continues to thin out. I refuse to just acknowledge that Annalise’s funeral is all we’re heading toward, but HTGAWM does have a way of just giving you the answer and then making you believe that it couldn’t be the answer.

As of now, we’re left with very few potential victims. There’s Annalise, who’s the obvious choice; Laurel, who’s still MIA; and Gabriel, who HTGAWM is working very hard to make us feel for. I’d say they’re all equally likely at this point. Until we get another piece of the puzzle next week, let me know who you think it’ll be in the comments!

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