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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ season 1 finale recap: Who killed Lila?

Tonight on How to Get Away With Murder season 1 finale Lila’s murderer is finally revealed.

Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder opened up to Wes returning home to his apartment after visiting Rudy. Rebecca is waiting for him and springs up as soon as he walks in the door. She wants to to know what he’s been up to and Wes just lies and tells her that he he’s been really stressed but it has nothing to do with her. Wes tells Rebecca that he loves her and then they sleep together.

Getting bail

Nate is in court with his lawyer and trying to get his bail granted but he is denied any bail by the the judge. He is escorted out in handcuffs and on his way out of the courtroom he passes by Annalise. Annalise is waiting for her own trial to begin and is pretty ticked off that Nate didn’t follow her advice to fire his lawyer. She decides to take matters into her own hands and enlists Frank’s help, who has connections at the jail where Nate is being held. Frank sends one of the guards to go in and beat up Nate, but the plan backfires and Nate is placed in solitary confinement. They decided to use Asher’s family name in order to get a new judge on the case. It works and Nate is released on bail.

Case of the week

In the first case of the night, Annalise is representing a priest, Father Andrew, who is being convicted of murdering one of the other priests. Before court begins, though, he makes a last minute request to plead not guilty after seeing a woman named Agnes walk into the room. Annalise takes the fall and tells the judge that she pressured him to plead guilty.


At the office, Father Andrew eventually admits to killing Father Bernard. He said that he found out that Father Bernard was molesting one of the altar boys who then committed suicide. Father Andrew killed him after he admitted to it in a confessional, and he believes that he was doing God’s work and doesn’t feel bad about it.

In court, Agnes is put on the stand and tells the jury that she and Father Andrews were together the night of Father Bernard’s death. Father Andrew has never broken his vow of chastity and can’t handle the lying. He stands up and confesses to the murder, fully aware that he will now be sent to prison.

The night Lila died

Now for the part that we’ve been waiting all season for. In a flashback from five months earlier, we are brought to the day of Lila’s death. It is the afternoon and Rudy is doing work in his apartment and can hear Rebecca and Lila arguing in the next room. Lila beings to blame Rebecca for all of her problems and then turns all mean girl on her and calls her trash.

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Later that night at the Sigma Tau Pi house, Rebecca and Griffin are taking PCP at the party. Rebecca takes this opportunity to prove to Lila that Griffin is a bad guy. She texts Lila from his phone to come over and then proceeds to sleep with him so Lila can catch them in the act.

In present day, Wes is looking over the transcripts from Rebecca’s first police interview for any discrepancies. He finds out that Rebecca was seen near the sorority house the night of Lila’s death and now really doesn’t believe that she has been telling the truth. He tells everyone else and they all begin to freak out.

Rebecca is on her way home from the campus police station when she sees all of Murder Inc waiting for her outside of the apartment. They corner her and try to make her confess to killing Lila. Rebecca won’t give in, though, and just tells them that she found the campus cop that found them carrying Sam’s body out of the house. She threatens to call him if they force her to tell them anything.


The trial

Annalise shows up at Wes’s apartment to find Rebecca tied up in his bathroom. Wes tells Annalise that he thinks Rebecca killed Lila and that Sam may have been innocent. Annalise heads into the bathroom and closes the door. She tells Rebecca that the others have all lost their minds and she’s going to clear everything up.

Annalise demands that they untie Rebecca and she wants them to give her a fair trial. She has everyone listen to Sam’s psych evaluation of Lila so they can all find their cases against her. Everyone goes through theire various theories, but their session is put on pause when Annalise has to meet with the prosecutor on Nate’s case. She decides to give a statement and in it she says that on the night of Sam’s murder, Nate followed her to make sure she got home safe. She also said that when she got home Sam was drunk and yelling at her so Nate got out of the car to help her. She then went into the house and left Nate and Sam alone outside.

In Annalise’s absence, Asher shows up at the house and when Frank answers the door he goes off about his relationship with Bonnie. The entire house overhears and Rebecca takes this opportunity to text someone the message “Eggs 111 Lawyers House” from Michaela’s phone. When Annalise returns she goes to see Rebecca in the basement to see if she can get Rebecca to talk but she doesn’t say anything.


Annalise turns to Wes to get answers so he heads downstairs to speak to the girl he loves. Rebecca finally opens up and tells him that that night when she returned home from Lila’s she ran into Rudy. She drugged him because she didn’t want him to go to the police after seeing her soaking wet. She gave him a mixture PCP and something called “Purple X,” which caused him to go crazy. She was in the water tank because she heard girls coming to the roof so she decided to hide with the body.

Wes comes back up to tell them the story and also that he believes her. Annalise decides that they need to let her go, but when she goes to find her she sees that Rebecca is missing.

Deciding that they can’t do anything, they all go their separate way. Michaela and Laurel head to the bar in order to have one night of freedom. Laurel, proving she’s the smartest student of them all, hands over Michaela’s ring, which she’s had since the night of Sam’s death. Connor goes over to Oliver’s apartment but finds him crying in his bed. Oliver found out that he was HIV positive after they went and got tested together. Emily Sinclair shows up at Asher’s apartment in order to talk to him about Annalise and Sam’s murder. Finally, we see Nate calling the number that Annalise handed to him after he fired his lawyer.


Back at Annalise’s house, Wes begins to breakdown. Annalise holds him as he cries and convinces him to believe that Sam murdered Lila.

What really happened

On the night of Lila’s murder, Lila calls Sam and tells him that she can’t get Griffin to sleep with her. Sam decided to drive down to Philadelphia, but Lila isn’t there when he shows up. He calls her and finds out she found Griffin and Rebecca together. She can hear Griffin coming so she hangs up on Sam. Sam then heads to the sorority house and meets her on the roof. She tells him that she won’t give up the baby and Sam tells her that he loves her, in a way he hasn’t felt in a long time. They kiss and Sam leaves so that he can go tell Annalise he wants to leave her. Instead of heading home, Sam goes over to a pay phone and calls someone and asks them to take care of something.

Back on the roof we see someone in black gloves come up behind Lila and begin to strangle her. The camera pans around and it’s revealed that the gloved person is Frank! He kills her and then swiftly dumps her in the water tank.

The episode ends in the present day with Annalise heading down to the basement to meet Frank. They both deny killing Lila but now have to deal with Rebecca, who is dead and hidden under the stairs.

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