3:15 pm EDT, June 24, 2012

How much screen time did each of the Avengers get?

In theory, each of the Avengers should get equal screen-time because they’re all equally part of the team. But theory, as usual, differs drastically from practice.

Vulture, an entertainment website, went ahead and tallied all the screen time each mighty hero received and put it together in this bit of geektastic trivia.

Captain America: 37:42
Iron Man: 37:01
Black Widow: 33:35
Bruce Banner: 28:03
Thor: 25:52
Hawkeye: 12:44

Steve and Tony received the most screen time, which isn’t surprising.

…given the manner in which the Downey Jr. one-liner has become the most reliable part of a Marvel movie… much of the film’s internal debate about selfishness versus selflessness occurs between Chris Evans’s Cap and Downey’s Stark.

Hawkeye comes in dead last, with just over 12 minutes of screen time. What gives?

His talent involves being a really good archer with a really awesome collapsible bow and really explosive arrows.

Fans of the master assassin noticed his lack of screen time while watching the film, but actually seeing the numbers is just sad.

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Does anything else surprise you about this final tally?

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