Netflix’s highly anticipated House of Cards season 3 is now available to watch online, and many fans flocked to their computers and TVs to binge-watch all 13 episodes of one of the most thrilling political shows ever created. We analyze the best scenes from House of Cards’ new season.

With Frank Underwood, portrayed by the always brilliant Kevin Spacey, finally securing his top position in the White House during season 2’s finale, season 3 was bound to bring us many great moments that only a sitting U.S. President would have to deal with on a daily basis. That is, if they were a psychopath.

Our House of Cards season 3 gallery is in order and marked by its episode number on the top left. If you haven’t finished all of season 3 yet, don’t worry about spoilers, just look through the episodes you’ve watched so far. Come back once you’ve seen the entire third season to see if you agree with our list of the best and most brutal scenes. Let the butchery begin.

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Somewhat surprisingly, many of House of Cards season 3’s best moments took place in the White House, with a few less bodies to be disposed of than in past seasons. Claire, played by the incredible Robin Wright, also gave some brilliant performances, bringing us many of season 3’s best moments.

House of Cards season 3 wasn’t nearly as bloody as its promotional material suggested, but it was just as exciting as the previous two seasons. Starting off the season by having Frank piss on his own father’s grave was worth the watch on its own.

Some episodes were certainly better than others this year, with the middle of this season actually being some of the more exciting episodes, which is normally where we feel the show sag a little, but that was not the case during season 3.

The fact that the beginning and end felt a little less exciting was definitely surprising, considering many fans were shocked by the tragic death of Zoe in episode one of season 2 when Frank suddenly pushed her in front of a speeding train, and ending with Frank rapping on the Resolute desk at the end of season 2.

With Frank moving into the White House, there was bound to be more straight politics than previous seasons, as it’s less plausible for him to murder people on the White House lawn, although he does suggest a similar action at one point when breaking the fourth wall while speaking with the Russian President.

Claire’s time to shine was cut short, leaving us wanting more

Claire also saw many great moments in season 3, especially when her temper was exposed during the Senate hearing where her application to become the U.S.’s ambassador to the UN was rejected. Robin Wright continues to prove that she’s one hell of an actress, and her screentime often felt like some of the more well-written parts of season 3.

While tragic, it was very interesting to see Claire speak with the gay activist who was wrongly imprisoned in Moscow. Wright did an excellent job switching from her usual frosty self, to someone who seemed to truly care about a young man being released and brought safely back to the States. His suicide hits her incredibly hard, especially considering it was done with her scarf while she was asleep.

For a few episodes it looked like she may have actually had the more exciting job in season 3, but Frank didn’t let that last for too long, as he took it away when his hand was being forced by Russian President Petrov. She suggests resigning to focus on his presidential campaign, and Frank agrees, getting what he wanted all the way back from episode 1.

Despite their very dramatically filmed sex scene, it seemed that she and Frank may have finally figured out how to live with their diabolical relationship, but just as we thought it was smooth sailing, she realized that she’d had enough of Frank’s antics.

Frank goes too far, even for Claire

When Frank pitted two female opponents against one another during a heated debate, it seemed to remind Claire who she’s actually living with in the White House. Claire has political plans of her own, and Frank is just another obstacle keeping her from making real progress.

Her emotional breakdown when Frank agrees to give her the nomination seems to stem from the fact that she feels she wasn’t able to achieve her goals without his help. She desperately wants to be her own woman, and we have a feeling that’s what led to the season’s final scene.

While season 3’s finale didn’t leave us as blown away as previous House of Cards episodes, it was very telling that Claire had made her decision to leave Frank altogether, despite his great need for her to be by his side as he headed into an incredibly difficult presidential nomination.

House of Cards season 4 should see Frank on the road after gaining the Democratic presidential nomination, and doing his best to get his better half back into the White House.

The big question remains: Will Claire be at Frank’s side despite all he did to her in season 3? We’re not sure just yet, but season 4 can’t get here quick enough.

Did we leave out your favorite ‘House of Cards’ season 3 scene? If so, let us know which was your favorite in the comments.

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