‘Homeland’ season 3 finale recap: The Maestro

9:59 pm EST, December 15, 2013

Homeland‘s season 3 finale titled “The Star” was another big finish for the CIA drama. Our recap breaks down the events of the episode.

The episode picked up right where we left off last week. Brody drags General Akbari’s body behind the desk, then mops up the blood with the pillow he killed him with. Carrie makes her way out of the hotel through a kitchen so she’s unnoticed.

Brody leaves the building and is incredibly nervous. He moves at a quick pace so he can leave before they notice the General is dead. Moments later, Akbari’s secretary finds the body and alerts others. As Brody is passing through the gate, people run out of the building, but Brody holds a gun to his driver’s head and tells him to keep driving.

Meanwhile, Carrie calls Saul and tells him that it’s done. Saul is hesitant to believe it, however, and asks Dar Adal to call Javadi, who could confirm the death.

But now, a new problem: Javadi has been tasked with tracking down Brody, and he tells Saul that he needs to know where he and Carrie are heading so that he can capture him. Otherwise, he’ll look weak and won’t be able to ascend to power, which has been the plan all along. Saul then speaks one on one with Dar Adal, who reminds him it’s his last official day as CIA Director, so he needs to take his “foot off the gas.”

Saul refuses, however, and orders the extraction plan because he wants to go through with his promise to Brody and Carrie. At the safe house, the two lovers have a talk about a wide range of topics, including their future. Asked what he wants to do now, Brody doesn’t know because he hasn’t thought this far. He talks about getting his redemption, but wonders how he can when he had to redeem himself by killing someone.

Then Carrie drops the bomb. She’s pregnant. Four months in. And confirms it was from the time at the lake. She believes she was put on this earth for their paths to cross and admits it’s crazy. Apparently happy with this little speech and revelation, Brody says that he doesn’t think it’s crazy and thinks “it’s the only sane fucking thing left to hold on to.”

While Brody is sleeping, helicopters arrive. The two come outside to meet what they assume are members of the extraction team, but it’s Javadi’s men who are outside. They take only Brody.

Carrie calls Saul to tell him about the development, and he immediately meets with Dar Adal and Lockhart to find out who revealed Carrie and Brody’s location to Javadi. It was Lockhart, who is now the CIA Director as ordered by the president of the United States. They argue that for the protection of Saul’s legacy and Javadi’s rise to power, Brody had to be captured. “I honestly don’t know what the fuck we’re doing anymore,” Saul says.

The next day Carrie is back in her hotel room packing up when she’s grabbed by Javadi’s people. He informs her that Brody has been sentenced to death because he’s an enemy of the state. He insists it’s out of his hands, and a public execution is scheduled for the middle of the night. “The plan is a success. You and Brody pulled it off,” he reminds her. “But not if he dies,” Carrie replies. “More so if he dies,” Javadi counters, “I ask myself over and over… why? Why would anyone do that to themselves? Why would you? And I think I know now. It was always about [Brody]. That’s what you care about.” Carrie asks for a phone call with her man, which he grants.

On the phone with him, Carrie insists Saul can still fix it, but Brody knows it’s over. “I want it to be over,” he tells her. Brody asks her to not come to his hanging, but she insists that she will. She calls Saul and begs for help, but he knows it’s over, too.

At the hanging, Abu Nazir’s wife Nassrin spits on his face and puts the noose around his neck. Carrie watches from the fence where many have gathered to witness the hanging. A crane lifts up the rope. Carrie climbs the fence and yells at him. A guard knocks her down.

Brody dies.


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