11:00 am EST, February 25, 2016

Sorting the Tanners into their Hogwarts ‘Full House’

As we prepare for the premiere of Fuller House tomorrow, let’s take a trip deep down the Full House nostalgia lane and see what the Hogwarts houses would like if they were just a little bit more full of Tanners…

Danny Tanner — Ravenclaw

Danny Tanner

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The Tanner family’s neurotic, neat-freak patriarch tends to overthink just about everything, especially when it comes to taking care of his three girls and their very full house. A tad overprotective at times, we always know that even at his most nitpicky, Danny and his dad jokes come with the best intentions.

D.J. Tanner — Hufflepuff

DJ Tanner

The sweetest of the three Tanner girls, D.J. is the prototypical eldest sister with her straight-A’s and strong sense of responsibility. A seemingly straight-laced kid, we know she has a little bit of a secret rebellious-streak highlighted by her friendship with her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler.

Stephanie Tanner — Slytherin

Stephanie Tanner

Stephanie was always a clever little rascal, often too cunning for her own good. A perpetual chatterbox, she also had some terribly nosy habits, including reading her older sister D.J.’s diary. How rude!

Michelle Tanner — Gryffindor

Michelle Tanner

A smart-aleck almost from the start, the youngest Tanner sibling was always an unpredictably wise-cracking kid. Beloved by her family and well-liked by her friends, there never was a wittier and more charming little Munchkin.

Joey Gladstone — Hufflepuff

Full House Joey

The Full House jokester and everybody’s best friend, Joey was always able to keep up the family morale with his cartoon impersonations. Acting as the designated stay-at-home dad while Danny went to work, Joey took on the most domestic role in the house, cooking for the family and raising the girls, even when Michelle was an infant.

Uncle Jesse Katsopolis — Gryffindor

Uncle Jesse

Have mercy! Reformed rebel and former bad boy, Uncle Jesse was always so much more than the hair-obsessed, Elvis-impersonating, rock and roll heartthrob he made himself out to be. Loyal and loving and always there for his family, he was everyone’s most adamant champion, no matter what the odds.

Aunt Becky Donaldson Katsopolis — Ravenclaw

Aunt Becky

Her nieces’ fiercest ally, and the maternal energy amidst a very full house, Becky’s practical nature and excellent judgment made her a reliable presence everyone knew they could count on. As caring as she was quick-witted, Becky’s sarcastic sense of humor and competitive nature made her a natural match with both her co-host Danny on-screen, and her husband Jesse off.

Kimmy Gibbler — Gryffindor

Kimmy Gibbler

While many might consider her the neighborhood nuisance, to D.J. Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler’s always been the loyal best friend she couldn’t live without. Sure, she’s eccentric and obnoxious, but her willingness to rebel against the status quo is what makes us, and the generally conforming Deej, love her oh so much.

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