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‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ guide to every single jump scare and creepy moment

The Haunting of Bly Manor is the Haunting of Hill House sequel we deserve. Here are all the Bly Manor jump scares, for your convenience.

In December of 2018, I wrote a guide for the Haunting of Hill House jump scares because I loved the show, despite how much it terrified me, and I wanted all of my friends to be able to watch it, too.

I’m back for the next Haunting installment, which centers around Bly Manor and the ghosts that haunt the grounds. If you’ve heard anything about this show, you’ve probably been informed that it’s not quite as alarming as Hill House, which I found to be true.

Bly Manor is a bit slower and leans into the creepy imagery more than the jump scares (though there are a few of those, too). Be warned that this show features dolls, children, and people with no faces! For some, that might be a hard pass.

For those who want to give the series a try, please know that Bly Manor is an incredibly well-crafted show with a beautiful story at its center. This is also why I fell in love with Hill House — yes, it’s scary, but it has a heart. It has emotions. It has substance.

That is what makes good television, and I’m happy to have watched Bly Manor and received the message it wanted to tell me, even if I had to cover my eyes a few times!

For the purpose of this article, I’m noting the spots that personally either gave me the creeps or made me jump. Bly Manor is a little bit better at giving you a quick warning that something terrifying is about to happen, so a few of these scares are easy to see coming, which makes them much less startling!

Everything noted as a Creep Factor moment will be something with unsettling imagery. It’s those moments that send a shiver down your spine or where you feel super uncomfortable while watching something on screen. As the show went on, I got a little more used to these moments, so they didn’t bother me as much as they did in the beginning.

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Something labeled as a Jump Scare is exactly that. It’s usually accompanied with a musical cue (I’ll tell you if it’s a really loud one!), which is always the worst part.

The best way to use this guide is to read through my description of the events one episode at a time so you’ll know roughly when something is going to happen. I try to tell you what’s happening leading up to the moment, what the scare or creepy moment is, and how it plays out, that way the unknown won’t take you by surprise.

The timestamps are in there if you’re super nervous and want to make sure you know exactly when one of these moments will start. You can use it to skip over those scenes, too!

I tried my best not to write in any major spoilers. Each blurb uses knowledge we’ve already gained from previous episodes (I wrote this while I was watching for the first time), which is why I said to only read one episode’s description at a time. If you read the whole article at once, you’ll definitely be spoiled!

I’ve found the best way to watch something scary is during the day or with the lights on, with someone else or an animal by your side, and while having the subtitles turned on! The subtitles will help warn you when something scary is happening (they describe all the musical cues, too).

So, without further ado, here’s the Haunting of Bly Manor guide to every single jump scare and creepy moment.

Episode 1 ‘The Great Good Place’

bly manor episode 1

Creep Factor (15:13): Dani sees a figure in the mirror as she’s leaving her room to go to the manor. There’s no musical cue, and she doesn’t react to it, but it’s definitely unsettling!

Creep Factor (26:19): After Flora gets out of the tub, Dani walks over to a mirror and sees the figure again. When she wipes the mirror clean, it disappears.

Jump Scare (31:50): After putting on the tea, Dani walks out into the hallway (you’re looking past a figure’s shoulder/hat to see her). As she’s staring into the next room, the teapot will go off. This is pretty alarming, but nothing else happens in the moment. She’ll leave the kitchen, and as she’s walking away, a figure will move to look at her.

Jump Scare (48:50): This is a minor jump scare, but a little more startling than what I’d consider a creep factor moment. Here, Dani is banging on the door and then turns back to the mirror, where she sees the figure and screams. Her reaction is what really gets you!

Episode 2 ‘The Pupil’

bly manor dolls

Creep Factor (5:30): Dani runs back up the stairs, out of the basement, and shuts the door. A few seconds later, one of the dolls sits up.

Creep Factor (18:55): While the priest is putting things away, you’ll hear a door close and the floorboards creak. He’ll go out into the sanctuary, and when he turns around, you’ll see Miles running by in the background. He’ll return to the altar a moment later, and then you’ll see a dead dove (it’s not gross, just sad!).

Creep Factor (31:09): As Dani is washing her hands, she looks up and sees the figure in the mirror.

Creep Factor (37:28): While Dani and the kids are playing hide and seek, she enters the school room. As the camera spins around her, we see the figure of a woman standing in the hallway and then walk away.

Creep Factor (39:48): After Dani finds the music box, the camera cuts to Flora humming the song. Another voice joins her, and you can see something moving behind her. The camera will cut to Dani and then back to Flora, after which Flora will hush the voice, and we’ll see a better shot of a woman with kind of a blank face lying on the floor.

Jump Scare (40:32): After Flora shushes the woman and the camera cuts back to Dani, you’ll have about a second or two before Miles puts his arms around Dani from behind and says, “Got you!”

Creep Factor (41:30): After Dani pulls back the drapes, she turns around and a door will creak while a shadow moves. Behind her, a face will appear in the glass. Dani turns to see it, and then it fades away. She runs outside and yells that she’ll call the police. Miles shows up in the window behind her, and then passes out. When he wakes up again, he’ll see the man in the window, who just smiles at him until the episode ends.

Episode 3 ‘The Two Faces, Part One’

bly manor dani jamie

Jump Scare (12:05): Dani’s out in the woods, looking for the person she saw in the window. After she sweeps the flashlight toward the camera, it’ll land on Jamie, and they’ll both scream.

Creep Factor (27:20): In bed, Dani rolls over and sees a bloody hand on the pillow. She closes her eyes against the image, and when she opens them again, it’s gone.

Jump Scare (53:34): After Jamie drives away, Dani turns around and sees the man from the mirror standing in front of her. They stare at each other for a few seconds, Dani sobs, and then it looks like he gets pulled back and away from her. Dani screams, and the episode ends.

Episode 4 ‘The Way It Came’

bly manor dani eddie

*This section has a few minor plot spoilers. It also has a lot more jump scares/creepy moments than the previous episodes, so decide which you care about more!

Jump Scare (7:25): As Jamie is unzipping Dani’s dress, Dani turns and sees the figure in the mirror. She jumps and screams a little.

Creep Factor (13:25): As Dani washes the dishes, she sort of freezes, and we see a pair of hands wrap around her waist. A few seconds later, she sees the reflection of the man in the mirror and jumps.

Creep Factor (13:50): Right after she excuses herself from the kitchen, she stops in the hall, looks to her right, and sees Peter outside the window. She runs to the front door and opens it, but it’s just Owen standing there.

Jump Scare (28:35): Right as Eddie gets out of the car, he turns and gets hit by a truck. It’s loud, so prepare yourself!

Creep Factor (35:30): After Dani and Eddie’s parents get the news that he’s dead, Dani runs to the bathroom and washes her hands. When she looks up into the mirror, she sees him.

Creep Factor (36:50): At the funeral, a woman says, “Forgive me,” and as she passes, Dani looks into a mirror and sees Eddie standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders. After the next person gives their condolences and passes, she sees him in the mirror again.

*Jump Scare (41:35): This is your warning for a little bit of a plot spoiler! As Jamie and Dani are kissing, the camera turns to look over Jamie’s shoulder and we see Eddie. Dani jumps and screams a little.

Creep Factor (46:55): As Flora tells Dani about her dream, Dani knees down, and we see a figure walking behind her in the far background.

Creep Factor (49:45): After Dani throws Eddie’s glasses in the fire, the glass breaks. There’s a slow pan to Eddie, who’s standing on the other side of the fire. After Dani takes a drink from the wine bottle, there’s a gust of wind and the fire sparks a little. The episode ends right after.

Episode 5 ‘The Altar of the Dead’

bly manor hannah miles

Jump Scare (20:45): The camera zooms closer to the crack in the wall, and then goes back to Hannah’s face. A second or two later, there’s a strong music cue, and we see a different crack. After, Hannah will run out of the house and see Rebecca, who turns to look at her. Nothing else happens here, but it’s a little jarring and creepy!

Jump Scare (23:20): Right after Hannah says, “No, that’s not what I meant,” there’s a slight pause, and then Owen looks into the camera and yells “Miles Dominic Wingrave!”

Jump Scare (33:20): Owen says, “I’m okay,” and then after a brief pause yells, “DENIAL!”

Jump Scare (39:40): This is a pretty long scene! Right after Peter walks up to the kids and says, “I thought I said go back to bed,” you’ll see the Lady From the Lake come out of the dark and grab Peter by the throat. She’ll drag him to a bedroom down the hall, then a few seconds later, he’ll emerge like nothing happened. Flora will give him the doll, which he’ll drop and pick up again. After he says, “What others?” he’ll turn back down the hall, where the Lady From the Lake will drag his real body down the stairs, out of Bly Manor, and into the lake. This is all very slow, but the closeups on her blank face are quite unsettling!

Jump Scare (43:55): After the Lady From the Lake completely submerges herself under water, Hannah will turn around to see Rebecca standing behind her. There’s a musical cue, and her eyes are creepy!

Episode 6 ‘The Jolly Corner’

bly manor flora

Creep Factor (11:37): While talking with Jamie, Dani sees Flora out the window. They run up to her and ask her how long she’s been out there. When the camera cuts back to the two women, Rebecca is standing between them. She reaches out and touches Flora’s forehead, but it’s not overtly creepy.

Jump Scare (12:15): Flora sits up and sees someone duck down at the foot of her bed. She crawls to the end, but no one is there. A floorboard creaks, and she turns to see a small child in her closet. Flora goes up to him, and when she turns him around, we see that he has no face like the Lady From the Lake. There’s a quick musical cue, and Flora screams, running away.

Creep Factor (21:05): After Henry is unsuccessful in pouring himself another drink, he looks to the door and the camera cuts to his alter ego.

Creep Factor (25:07): Dani tucks the covers around Flora, and as she walks away, the little boy is playing with the dollhouse. When Dani looks back, he’s gone.

Creep Factor (37:55): Charlotte walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. When she turns on the light, Dominic is sitting at the table. Charlotte gasps.

Creep Factor (59:05): At about this timestamp, a new scene starts. We see a hand playing with the dollhouse as Flora turns over. When Flora notices, she says hello to him and he runs out of the room. Flora chases him to the attic, where he’s hiding amongst an array of (very creepy) dolls. The other dolls never move! Flora gives the boy a new face (making him, somehow, even creepier), but he never does anything scary. Flora wonders why she keeps getting tucked inside memories, and when she yells out “Ms. Jessel!” she wakes up in her bed.

Creep Factor (1:01:20): This is a continuation of the previous scene. Flora wakes up in bed. After she says, “I want to talk to you,” the camera gives us a wide shot, and Ms. Jessel is sitting on her bed. There’s no musical cue. They’ll talk for a minute, and she’ll disappear again, then reappear (without a musical cue) after Flora yells, “Let me see you!” Then the door will open and Dani will walk in saying, “Flora?” When the camera turns from Dani to the bed, there’s a musical cue, and it’s obvious that Dani sees Ms. Jessel. Dani and Flora move out to the hallway, and Dani calls “Miles!” twice. After the second time, she’ll see Peter, accompanied with a small musical cue. Flora will then run off, up to the attic, where Miles will hit her over the head after Flora says, “I’m sorry.”

Episode 7 ‘The Two Faces, Part Two’

bly manor peter quint rebecca jessel

Jump Scare (22:05): Ms. Jessel puts her hand through Peter, and then gets upset that she can’t touch him. When she yells out, “You’re right here, and I can hear you–” Peter yells “Quiet!” and the musical cue is quite loud. Peter ends up inside her, and then runs over to a mirror. After a few seconds, he pops out and there’s another little musical cue.

Jump Scare (56:40): Flora and Dani run from Bly Manor. Right after Flora screams, “Miles, where are you?” Dani turns around and the Lady From the Lake grabs her by the throat and drags her away.

Episode 8 ‘The Romance of Certain Old Clothes’

bly manor viola

This episode starts with a repeat of the scene from the end of the last episode.

Jump Scare (35:50): As Perdita opens the trunk, she’ll pull out a dress and hold it up. A few seconds later, it will come alive to strangle her. There’s a pretty scary musical cue! Soon after, Arthur will go upstairs and find her. There’s no scary musical cue, but when it focuses on her face, it’s pretty grotesque.

Jump Scare (48:09): As Viola walks toward the mirror with the dress in her hand, she looks up and sees her face is cracked and decomposing. She’ll gasp, but there’s no musical cue.

Episode 9 ‘The Beast in the Jungle’

bly manor dani

There are no jump scares in this episode, but plenty of tears (my tears — I cried a lot)! Dani sees the Lady From the Lake’s reflection every so often, but it’s not startling. You can pretty much relax during this one.

How many of the ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’ jump scares got you?

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