3:30 pm EST, January 27, 2015

Harvey Guillen looks into the mind of the ‘Eye Candy’ killer

In a recent interview Harvey Guillen takes a closer look at the Eye Candy killer and speculates as to what their motivations may be.

This week Harvey Guillen sat down with the hosts of AfterBuzz TV to discuss episode 3 of Eye Candy. While visiting he had some interesting thoughts about who the killer may be and what might be motivating them to kill. “When you saw the episode, you guys remember, that he doesn’t like to – he or she actually,” specifically highlighting that pronouns matter. We can’t limit our suspect list on gender alone. “That they are always upset about being lied to,” Guillen goes on to explain, “Remember? The big line was why do you lie? Why do you always lie about your teeth, about your eye color, your habits…”

So our big red flag here is that somewhere down the line, it’s likely our killer was greatly lied to. And now perhaps their oversensitivity is showing up through their victims.

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Also, if you recall from last night’s episode, the killer was left saying, “Wear it for me. Wear your pain. We should all be reminded of what we lost.” Sounds like they’re speaking from experience. Maybe the lies and loss are related…

You can watch the full interview below or scroll further to check out the highlights we gathered.

More ‘Eye Candy’ teasers

During the interview Eye Candy executive producer Christian Taylor called in to say hello to the audience. While there he had a few interesting details to share.

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– Lindy’s dad does have significance within the series. Though he may not be super significant in this season.
– Taylor danced around whether or not we had seen the killer on screen yet. HOWEVER, if his tweets are any indication, it seems as though we have. So hurry quick! Everyone go get those magnifying glasses out!
– Another cute tidbit from Taylor’s Twitter, the killer is alway referred to as “Hunter” in the scripts and on set.
– During the interview, Guillen shared that the character George is actually named after Christian Taylor’s sister.
– And next week’s episode will be Lindy and Tommy centric. With them kind of going off on their own little adventure.

Lastly, have a cute picture of the cast together as they get ready to live tweet last night’s episode.

Eye Candy Tweets Hypable

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