1:30 pm EDT, April 18, 2014

Quiz: How obsessed are you with Harry Potter?

Every time you think the Harry Potter fandom can’t pull out another trick, it does.

The fandom is alive and well despite the fact that the peak of the excitement is behind us. We have a Fantastic Beasts movie, a Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Orlando, and (one day) an encyclopedia to look forward to.

Those things aside, the Harry Potter fandom has been defined by several elements over the years. From midnight book releases to podcasts, poster outrage to farewell speeches, the fans have been there through good times and bad.

This test will examine your experiences in the fandom over the years to determine how obsessed you are. After you get your result, be sure to share with your friends through social media to see how they stack up compared to you. Good luck!

[quiz id=14]

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How’d you do on our ‘Harry Potter’ quiz?

For extra fun, tell us in the comments: What questions would you add to this test?

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