11:00 am EDT, August 13, 2014

A reason to live in Montana: Neighborhood uses ‘Harry Potter’ terms for street names

A housing development in Montana has named a few of its streets after familiar aspects of the Harry Potter world.

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The new-ish neighborhood in Missoula, Montana includes streets named Potter Park Loop, Muggle Lane, Hermione Lane, and Diagon Lane.

We found the neighborhood on Google Maps and highlighted the streets:


Here’s a home that sits on the corner of Potter Park Loop and Hermione Lane (also known as our dream street corner):


Housing website Zillow discovered the neighborhood and spoke to one of its residents. “My husband may have maybe rolled his eyes a little bit when he realized what we were getting into,” said Potter Park Loop resident Jennifer Piippo. She says that people are frequently taking pictures in front of the two signs.

Real estate agent Collin Bangs, who co-developed the neighborhood, said they did a little research to make sure the street names they were using didn’t mean bad things. That’s why you don’t see streets like “Dementor Court” or “Voldemort Boulevard.”

Capitalizing on their nod to the popular book and film series, the neighborhood plans to throw a party for Harry Potter’s fictional birthday next summer.

Perhaps Rowling should consider building a seconds Hogwarts Castle treehouse in this neighborhood for the children?

(We apologize to those who live in Montana and don’t like this headline.)

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