6:45 pm EDT, January 15, 2015

First illustrated ‘Harry Potter’ book price, number of drawings unveiled

For a while we’ve been wondering how many illustrations would make up the “fully illustrated” Harry Potter books, and today we finally have our answer.

On the heels of the first illustrations being unveiled by Scholastic and Bloomsbury on Tuesday, Amazon has added the illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone to their online store.

The listing reveals that the first book will be priced at $30.50 (it retails for $39.99) and consists of 256 pages. According to the book’s description, there will be “over 100 illustrations,” which averages out to just over five illustrations per chapter in Sorcerer’s Stone.

256 pages is about 70 pages shorter than the original hardback American edition, so what gives?

Placeholder art on Amazon (below) depicts a wider-than-normal looking book, so maybe more text will be on every page and the illustrations will have pages of their own. If true, this would help keep the books from getting too thick — especially the later novels.


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The illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will be released October 6, 2015 in the United States and the United Kingdom. One book in the Harry Potter series will be released every year.

Can’t wait until then? Help pass the time by pre-ordering the book now on Amazon!

You can see the first four images from Sorcerer’s Stone in our previous report.

This makes you wonder: How many illustrations will the longer books receive? Order of the Phoenix has 38 chapters, so that book may have a minimum of 190 illustrations if they keep the same chapter-to-illustration ratio. There are 198 chapters in the entire Harry Potter series (199 if you count the epilogue), so we’re in for a lot of pretty pictures.

Are you pleased by the number of drawings and price?

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