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Happy Birthday, Percy: Our 10 favorite Percy Jackson quotes

Happy Birthday, Percy Jackson! In celebration of one of our favorite literary character’s day of birth, we are taking a look at some of our favorite Percy Jackson quotes straight from the hero’s mouth.

Percy Jackson is nothing if not a boy with a sarcastic, wry sense of humor just trying to survive to adulthood. Life as a demigod is not all wine and Iris messages. Sometimes it can really suck, but Percy somehow manages to keep us laughing even when situations are looking particularly dire.

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When he’s not making us laugh, he’s tearing our hearts out. Some of the things he’s said (or not said) over the years about Annabeth have had us clutching our hearts and “Awww!”-ing more than is probably healthy for girls over the age of 10.

No matter. We love you, Percy Jackson, and we hope that this year is a most magnificent birthday. We can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for you in Blood of Olympus, but we are hopeful that somehow things will end in your favor. Enjoy the blue cupcakes we’re sure your mom has whipped up!

And now, check out ten of our favorite quotes from the boy himself, showing off the many different qualities our young hero embodies quite often.

Sometimes he’s comforting…


Sometimes he’s adorable…


Sometimes he’s clever…


Sometimes he’s insistent…


Sometimes he’s wise…


Sometimes he’s brave…


Sometimes he’s sensible…


Sometimes he’s embarrassed…


Sometimes he’s practical…


And sometimes he’s just plain funny.


It’s hard to believe that there’s just one more novel (for now, as we refuse to believe that Percy’s story will ever OFFICIALLY be over) to go! Make sure to check out our recent interview with the man behind the hero, Rick Riordan, all about Greek Gods!

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What are your favorite Percy Jackson quotes so far?

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