Hank Green is following in his brother’s footsteps by becoming an author. He’ll publish his first book next year!

The YouTube personality has announced his debut novel An Absolutely Remarkable Thing will be published in fall 2018. The fictional novel was inspired by how he’s handled internet fame, and The New York Times says it has “elements of science fiction and mystery”:

The heroine […] is an art student in New York City named April May, who finds herself at the center of a vast international mystery. One day, April stumbles on a giant robot sculpture in Midtown Manhattan, and makes a video with the figure, which goes viral. She becomes famous as news spreads that similar sculptures have mysteriously appeared in dozens of cities, and people around the world struggle to understand where the figures came from and what they mean.

According to the NYT, “the story grew out of something very real Mr. Green has wrestled with in his own life: internet fame, and the anxiety and awkwardness it can bring.”

Said Green, “In a lot of ways it comes from a lot of my personal experience with how success feels. There’s the very weird feeling of being bigger in people’s heads than you feel you are.”

Hank, who has been working on the book for six years, appears to have asked for very little help from his brother John. He says The Fault in Our Stars writer hasn’t read a draft of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.

Meanwhile, John’s Turtles All The Way Down will be published next month. And Hank has already read it:

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