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‘Half in Love with Death’ book review: A thriller that hits close to home

Half in Love with Death by Emily Ross is a true-to-life tale about a serial killer hiding in plain sight.

About ‘Half in Love with Death’

It’s the 1960s when everything is supposed to be soft and flowery, but Caroline’s life has been turned upside down. Her sister Jess has gone missing, and no one knows where she is or what has happened to her. Caroline’s parents drink away their despair and fight every night, and the police continue to follow thin threads in order to track down Jess.

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Enter Tony, Jess’ boyfriend, who seems to be the only one interested in finding Caroline’s sister. While everyone seems to blame him for her disappearance, he’s also determined to find Jess no matter what. And he’s convinced she’s in California.

Caroline becomes a different person when she’s with Tony, and she’s willing to follow him anywhere. But the trail to her sister is getting colder, and Caroline may have gone well past the point of no return. What happened to Jess, and will Caroline end up disappearing, too?

half in love with death emily ross

‘Half in Love with Death’ book review

Based on a true story, Half in Love with Death paints a beautifully disturbing picture of a fairly typical 1960s family. Everything seems normal until one night it’s not. Entranced by a beautiful boy full of mysterious darkness and alluring poetry, Caroline not only gets wrapped up in her sister’s disappearance, but also the police’s prime suspect.

The juxtaposition of such a sweet, innocent, naive girl against the potential horrors of what happened to her sister is a theme that has been skillfully threaded throughout the book. It is so easy to be drawn into complacency, even when you are surrounded by death. The title for this book could not be any more fitting.

Half in Love with Death sneaks up on you. Much like Tony himself, it pulls you in with its beautiful prose, only to set you up for a thriller so true to life it will make you question how well you truly know your neighbors.

The most dangerous killers are the ones who can seamlessly blend into society, offering you a hand with your groceries while they plan your demise, all with a smile on your face. It is this terrifying truth that will give you goosebumps as you fall ever deeper into the mystery of this novel.

Half in Love with Death is available now. Add it to your Goodreads list or purchase it on Amazon or IndieBound.

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