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Stalking the ‘Selfie’ stars on social media

In the spirit of the new ABC comedy Selfie, we give you a guide to finding Karen Gillan, John Cho and the rest of the creative team on social media platforms!

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Selfie is a new sitcom on ABC, which stars Karen Gillan as the social media obsessed Eliza Dooley (a modern-day version of My Fair Lady‘s Eliza Doolittle), with John Cho as Henry, the man who helps her “re-brand” herself after a personal scandal.

Using the language and concepts of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the show promises to be equal parts #totesadorbs and #awkwardturtle. Is there an app for that?

But despite its controversial name and overuse of online slang that should never be uttered out loud, Selfie actually has real cultural value.

For better or worse, it represents a prominent part of the population, and through Eliza, we might actually find ourselves confronting our own social media obsessions.

Because oh yeah, we googled you, Karen Gillan.


The publicity team promoting Selfie tried to engage viewers in a campaign to disconnect from social media – a both brilliant and terrible strategy considering they’re trying to make people talk about the show online!

Let’s do the exact opposite of that: stalk as many members of the Selfie cast and crew as we possibly can! Here’s your guide to the Selfie stars on social media:

Karen Gillan (Eliza)

Karen Gillan, already a pro at this thing called fandom due to her work on Doctor Who, frequently interacts with viewers on her Twitter account @KarenGillan2.

Trying to engage viewers of her new show she’s been retweeting fans’ selfies, but she also talks about other things. Recently, she (sort of) voiced her opinion on the Scottish Independence Vote:

And shared pictures from the short film she is directing, Rose McIver’s Coward:

Gillan is also on Instagram, interacting with her fans by sharing fan art like this amazing sketch:

Gillan seems like Selfie‘s resident social media enthusiast, and we’re hoping that she’ll share lots of behind-the-scenes anecdotes and pictures with us! After all, she did promise…

We’re going to hold you to that, Karen!

John Cho (Henry)

John Cho is a self-confessed social media skeptic, but has nonetheless followed Gillan’s advice and become a bit more active on Twitter (don’t expect him on Facebook any time ever, though!).

His handle is @JohnTheCho, and he uses it to promote the show… er, sort of:

He also shares the occasional picture from the set:

Cho seems to share his character’s feelings about social media, but luckily for us he’s recognising it as a good way of interacting with fans and promoting the show.

Emily Kapnek (creator)

True Selfie fans will want to keep up with series creator Emily Kapnek, who obviously lives and breathes the show right now. Case in point:

More like this, please and thank you!

David Harewood (Sam Saperstein)

One of Selfie’s co-stars, David Harewood plays boss Sam Saperstein. He clearly loves his new job:

His Twitter account is full of great quotes about acting, like this gem:

Harewood is also on Instagram! He does cool stuff like this:

…Our lives will never be that awesome.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph (Charmonique)

Friendly receptionist Charmonique is possibly our favourite character on Selfie so far, and we hope this tweet is a clue that we’ll get to see much more of her in future episodes!

She also joined in on Selfie‘s social media challenge:

Did you give it a go?

Allyn Rachel (Bryn)

Zooey, is that you? Nope, it’s Selfie‘s little in-joke that New Girl‘s Jess apparently lives across the hall (fun fact: Allyn Rachel has, in fact, appeared on New Girl).

Rachel is on Twitter, and guess what, she’s active in fandom!

…And we think she’s an Android fan:

Go ahead and follow all of these wonderful people for more great behind-the-scenes shenanigans from the set of Selfie! It looks like they’re all having a blast making the show – hopefully you’ll enjoy watching it just as much.

Selfie premieres next Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC!

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