In tonight’s episode of Grimm Captain Renard will be visited by a woman from his past and Sasha Roiz is spilling all the details.

Alice Evans plays Mia who has come over from Europe to visit Renard. The synopsis hints that the visit may be for both business and pleasure. Roiz reveals that Mia is one of Renard’s former lovers and is basically the female version of his character. The pair have a history together and her visit will stir up old feelings for the captain. In fact, they filmed a bedroom scene that had to be cut due to time restraints. Luckily, fans will be able to find out what was said between the two during the scene with Roiz says are very revealing. Roiz explains to TV Guide, “She’s a woman who definitely knows how to play the various factions and manipulate them. You sometimes see with Renard that there’s a respect that he has for other people who play the game. It’s always a question of loyalty, but it’s just understood that this is the way of the world and there are no hard feelings.”

However, don’t expect to see the captain settling down anytime soon. Roiz states that his character simply has too much on his plate, with the balance of the Old and New World on his shoulders. Roiz jokes, “I think at the moment, you’re not going to find him on eHarmony any time soon. That would be quite the profile, wouldn’t it?”

“You’re born into this world handicapped”

In talking more about his character, Roiz explains that the fact that Renard is a bastard shapes much of his fiber. Saying that as a bastard “you’re born into this world handicapped, certainly if you’re raised in royal circles. So there’s instantly going to be a level of self-hatred and certainly resentment toward the family.” Because of this his character moved across the world to re-establish who his is. The captain has been able to create this version of what he see’s himself as. Meanwhile the royals are all trying to one up another to get to the position of power.

The question on many fans minds is what the captain is really up to in regards to Nick. It’s clear that he has some motive for his relationship with the Grimm, while many want him gone Renard has been working to keep him safe and happy. Roiz spills the beans and reveals that Renard hopes to have the Grimm as an ally. He also says that his plan is, “increasingly pressing now that the family has gotten wind of the fact that he’s got a Grimm in his power and possession, which will ultimately lead to a major power dynamic.” We will also see how taking the potion to make himself pure will affect him in upcoming episodes. According to Roiz that potion will, “wreak havoc on the self-control” and we can expect to see him unravel.

Are you eager to learn more about Captain Renard’s past?

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