On the Grey’s Anatomy mid-season 13 premiere “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)” Bailey, Arizona, and Jo head to a maximum security prison to treat one of the pregnant inmates there. Here are a few teases of what happens!

One of the doctors is super judgmental

Usually the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are as compassionate as they can be towards their patients. Yet on the Grey’s Anatomy mid-season 13 premiere one of the doctors has a hard time feeling anything other than judgmental towards their new patient. The doctor is annoyed that they have to go there, and looks down on the inmate they’re there to see. Just which of the doctors it is might surprise you!

One of the doctors connects with the patient

Although one of the doctors is judgmental towards the patient, another has no problem connecting with them. Despite the fact that the inmate has proven herself to be dangerous, this doctor doesn’t show any fear and only wants to help. And while the other doctors want to keep some secrets from the patient, this one doesn’t.

The patient is dealing with an Acardiac twin

Grey’s Anatomy is always coming up with some fascinating medical problems to keep things interesting. On the mid-season 13 premiere, the patient has an Acardiac twin. What is that you ask? It’s when a non-viable twin uses the blood of it’s living twin for blood circulation. One of the characters in the episode compares it to a vampire. Creepy!

There are some big tear-jerker moments

It’s very doubtful that fans will make it through this episode without tearing up! There are some heavily emotional scenes that are sure to have eyes welling up.

There is some talk about Alex’s case

Even though the entire episode centers around the woman’s prison, there is some talk about Alex and his lawsuit. Unfortunately, fans don’t learn anything new about what happened after he want to go see the DA about making a plea deal. However, fans do get to see what happens when Bailey reveals some details about it to Jo and Arizona.

The Grey’s Anatomy mid-season 13 premiere, “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)” airs January 26 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC!

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