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#TGIT Recap: Discussing ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×21 and ‘Station 19’ 2×13

Amelia and Link wind up pretending to be a couple in Grey’s Anatomy 15×21, “Good Shepherd,” while a blackout causes chaos on Station 19 2×13, “The Dark Night.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×21 ‘Good Shepherd’:

On Grey’s Anatomy 15×21, “Good Shepherd,” Link and Amelia are in New York for a surgery and still hooking up as well! Despite having adjoining rooms, Amelia insists on sleeping in her own room to make sure they keep things uncomplicated.

In the morning they get pizza for breakfast and Amelia tells Link how she grew up in New York. When they get to the hospital, they run into Amelia’s sister Nancy. And Nancy assumes that Link is Owen, her husband. Amelia doesn’t correct her, and Link just goes along with it.

As Link and Amelia are talking about their case, Nancy eavesdrops and hears that they’ll be in New York for longer than they initially told her. They’re roped into going for a family dinner and now Amelia has some sucking up to do to get Link to help her.

They go into the surgery with Link still refusing to help her out. He doesn’t want anything to do with Amelia’s family drama and thinks she shouldn’t go either. Amelia tells Link how her family was invited to her real wedding with Owen but none of them came.

Link doesn’t get why she even wants to go to the dinner. And Amelia says she’d like the chance to show her family how well she’s doing. Her promise to make it up to him later when they’re back at their hotel finally gets him to give in.

When they arrive at Nancy’s house, they find out that Kathleen is also there. Once they start to ask a bunch of questions, Link and Amelia panic. They decide to just make an excuse and leave before anything worse happens.

But then Kathleen goes on a little rant about Amelia to Link and he totally changes his tune. It’s clear that he’s annoyed at the way her family talks about her so Link wants to stay.

Link makes a really good impression on her sisters, even though they seem more interested in talking about Meredith than her. There’s another twist in the night when Amelia’s mom Carolyn shows up and immediately tells everyone that Link isn’t Owen.

Of course they all start to argue about the whole situation. Amelia also drops the bomb that she had a brain tumor that she never told them about. It just makes her family shit talk about her more, though.

Link ends up standing up for Amelia in front of all of them. He tells them all about the great things he knows about her. But it seems like it’s too late and Amelia just wants to leave.

While they’re on the way back to the hotel, they get alerts that their patient is in distress. Now they have to head right to the hospital instead of going to their hotel.

Amelia offers to do a risky surgery that could paralyze the patient, and he wants to do it but Link is unsure if it’s a good idea. Despite his worries, Link agrees to help Amelia. Then they wait anxiously to see the results.

Luckily, everything turns out all right. But afterwards Link wants to go for a walk alone when Amelia asks if he wants to go out to eat.

Amelia is surprised to find her mother is at the hospital, though. She ends up apologizing for not being there enough for Amelia. And Amelia opens up about her time helping Betty.

On the plane back to Seattle, Amelia gives Link a gift of donuts and an apology. Despite all the craziness that happened, Link seems willing to give Amelia another chance.

Even with everything these two have been through in such a short amount of time together, they are super cute. And Link seems to balance out Amelia’s emotional side really well.

It should be really interesting to see where their relationship goes from here. It already seems like they make a better pair than Amelia and Owen did, but Grey’s Anatomy rarely lets anything go smoothly for long.

– Sonya Field

‘Station 19’ 2×13 ‘The Dark Night’:

The episode begins with all our favorite crew members settled around the station table for dinner. Pruitt has returned from Hawaii and is raining chocolates down on just about everyone, including Tucker, Warren’s stepson. Andy is clearly annoyed by her father’s trip away with his new girlfriend, but the rest are happy he has found some time to get away after such a long, dedicated career.

The lights flicker on and off, a foreboding sign that power outages are definitely about to complicate matters. During one of these short-lived blackouts, Ripley and Vic steal a quick make-out sesh in a dark corner. As soon as the lights return, it’s back to business.

The cadet that Herrera got to know last week, Kathleen, also shows up at the station. She’s had a rough week since her friend quit the academy, and Herrera convinces Sullivan to let her bring the cadet along when they get a call.

There’s a young girl missing in an apartment building. She and her babysitter were playing hide-and-seek when the power went out, and she is a pretty severe asthmatic. She does not have her inhaler, and her asthma is triggered by stress, and especially fear. Being stuck in the dark is definitely enough to scare her quite a bit, so they really need to find her quickly.

Warren, Vic, and Montgomery head off to search the upper floors, Miller and Bishop cover the middle ones, while Gibson, Herrera, and her recruit take the lower ones. Herrera and Gibson are quickly joined by Tanner and his new partner, and Cadet Kathleen suggests that the cops and firefighters split into pairs so that whichever pair finds her will have skilled first responders.

While everyone else is searching the building, Warren finds a woman giving CPR to her dying father. He quickly takes over compressions and calls in backup to help. Vic and Montgomery show up with all the equipment he needs and they get him back. The first words out of her father’s mouth are, “Why didn’t you let me die?” Awkward.

Her father goes on to tell Warren, alone, that he wants to go, but he has never said anything to his daughter. Warren begins explaining what continuing to go without a signed DNR means, and Montgomery pulls Warren aside. While Warren thought he was just informing the patient, Montgomery feels like Warren was trying to talk him into it.

And Herrera finds the little girl! She is trapped in an industrial washing machine. They try to break the glass and pry open the doors, but have no success.

Flip to Miller and Bishop who, with Sullivan, find a gentleman who is definitely acting strangely. They question him about what he was doing when the power went out, and he mentions cooking on the stovetop. Maya checks the stove and doesn’t find any signs of a gas leak, but when she does a reading, the room is flooded with odor-free natural gas. Sullivan orders a building-wide evacuation due to the risk of explosion. They have no idea how big the leak may be or how far it may have spread.

Cut to Andy trying to free the little girl. Gibson and Tanner arrive with the power tools Andy needs to extract her, but Sullivan arrives just in time to stop her. She would very well have thrown off sparks trying to slice open the heavy metal door, and all it could take to cause a massive explosion is one little spark.

The rest of the team is evacuating themselves and the building’s residents. This includes Warren’s team with the lady and her terminally ill father. Warren keeps reiterating that they must take him to the hospital because of his DNR-less status, and the man finally has enough and refuses to let them move him. And then we hear a BOOM! and the building shakes. (Cue cut to a VERY evil commercial break, lol.)

Bishop has open flames on her floor, while Andy and Sullivan finally free the little girl. They get her outside and start to work on her.

Back in his room, the father asks his daughter to sign the DNR and let him die outside in the night air, looking up at the stars. She signs it and the firefighters remove him from the building, but just to get him out of the threat of the possibly growing fire. He will not be taken to the hospital, nor will they do extraordinary things to revive him if the portable machines fail. He has chosen his place and is going to spend as long as he can with his daughter in the perfectly black night.

Since the building is clear of residents, Warren, Montgomery, and Vic join the pair on the ground and look up at the stars. Her father passes silently, cuddled up with his daughter enjoying the fresh air.

Andy and Sullivan finally get a regular rhythm on the little girl, and she heads off to the hospital with her babysitter for a full workup.

Andy apologizes to Kathleen for getting short with her, but Kathleen tells her mentor that being present for this call was a major moral boost due to being able to see this awesome team at work.

Andy makes a point to stop in to Sullivan’s office on her way out to apologize for bringing the cadet along. Sullivan lets her off the hook pretty quickly since he agreed to the arrangement, and he even encourages her to consider mentoring more often. They have a quick moment in which they establish that they are more than just boss and employee. That they are friends. Which is definitely just a small step away from more.

The end of the episode gives us a special moment between Gibson and Bishop. It definitely has this fan thinking they are on the road to something more. Cut to Warren having a bonding moment in the car with Tucker, which is touching and wonderful. Cut (again) to Vic and Ripley all cuddly in bed thinking about vacations and seriously considering outing their relationship somehow.

And, finally, we return to Andy and Sullivan. Andy has brought him a plate of leftovers from the kitchen upstairs because she insists on him eating. Andy mentions that this cadet is the one good thing that came from the high-rise fire, as she then names a bunch of not-so-great things that happened as a result of that fire. Sullivan chimes in with an “ehem, what about me” comment, reminding Andy that if it weren’t for the events of that night, he would never have arrived… and then they share a very specific look.

– Kristen Kranz

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