Tonight’s TGIT includes Grey’s Anatomy 14×07, Scandal 7×06, and How To Get Away With Murder 4×07. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×07 ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’:

It’s the 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy! It kicks off with Meredith and Alex on a ferry, talking about her nomination for the Harper Avery award. Meanwhile, Amelia goes home to Owen’s house and runs into his morning after with Carina (awkward). Ben and Bailey seem to be in a fight, and Arizona is trying to prep for Sofia’s return.

Three patients come in who are supposed to be similar to George (Greg), Cristina (Cleo), and Izzy (Liza), which makes Meredith feel like she’s seeing things. They also happen to be interns from another hospital. Alex takes the chance to show Jo just what his ex was like and points out the new Izzy. But when she passes out they have to rush to help her. It turns out there’s a tumor that needs to be removed because it’s sending the baby into distress.

Meredith and Jackson are supposed to be flying out to the award ceremony, but they don’t want to leave Greg and Cleo’s sides. Greg’s neck is damaged and Meredith helps hold him correctly so he can breathe until he can be moved to a gurney. But once Greg is moved, they discover that Cleo was stabbed by some metal and is quickly bleeding out. She begs Meredith to save her.

Amelia and Owen clash some more over a patient when Owen doesn’t think he needs a head CT. Amelia is having none of that and wheels in a mobile CT scanner when Owen takes the patient into surgery without doing the scan she ordered. And it turns out she was right and there’s a major bleed that needs to be repaired.

After fighting all morning, DeLuca and his ex Sam end up banging in a supply closet…where Weber and Bailey find them. Carina thinks her brother still loves his ex, despite all the issues they had in the past.

These look-a-likes are giving everyone all of the feelings. Bailey is nervous to operate on Greg after losing George, who was her favorite intern. Meredith misses Cristina now more than ever as she’s up for an award and no one understands how badly she really wants it. Alex seems to be getting a glimpse as the family he could have had with Izzy as Liza delivers her son early.

After wrapping up her surgery, Meredith finds out that Bailey and Weber arranged for her to watch the award ceremony in her OR surrounded by her friends and family. Meredith wins and Jackson accepts the award on her behalf, letting the crowd know she stayed back in Seattle to save lives.

Side note: they picked the perfect songs for this episode to make fans feel like they were back in the early seasons!

‘Scandal’ 7×06 ‘Vampires and Bloodsuckers’:

Scandal 7x06 tgit

Did you know that there are vampires living in a crypt under the White House?

It’s Quinn and Charlie’s wedding day! Huck is the adorable Best Man/Maid of Honor who knows exactly where the macaroons should go. David is officiating, Charlie is there to take her hand, and Abby is off the fetch the bride. But there are some outstanding issues that need sorting before Quinn can embark on her new journey.

Remember that whole B6-13 taking care of President Bashran thing? Remember how Liv told Quinn to take care of Yasmeen? Well, Quinn decided to launch a full scale investigation into the assassination.

On the eve of her wedding, Quinn meets up with Olivia to presumably freak out about her upcoming nuptials. So while Olivia marches around wearing her best supportive-friend mask, Quinn fumes until she bursts. She knows Olivia is behind the death of Rashad.

Liv brought Quinn into the world of the Gladiators. She made Quinn’s life better. But what if Quinn wasn’t an asset? What if, suddenly, Quinn’s death advanced Liv’s career more than her life? Would she hesitate to take it?

These accusations disarm Liv. Quinn ends their conversation by saying that her OPA will seek justice, something the old OPA lost sight of long ago.

As the hunt for Quinn continues to tear up Charlie, Jake must create some complicated escape plans behind the scenes. First he frames a Sargent on the ground the morning of the flight and sets up a bigger person to frame — Fenton Glackland. Who better than a man who was in the right place at all the wrong times and has connections all over the world?

While Cyrus vouches for Fenton’s innocence, even he can’t help but think some things seem too convenient in their relationship. Before Cyrus can get in touch with him, Charlie kidnaps and begins to torture Fenton for answers.

The framing of the framers by the framers gets a bit complicated from here as more and more people get their hands dirty. Meanwhile, Mellie is left waiting for hours. Jake is summoned to her CGI back porch, but he can’t give her advice “off the clock.” Marcus is summoned from the Grant Foundation to say that she is letting her ego get in the way of doing the right thing.

Mellie makes a deal with the Ambassador, Charlie and Huck share a drink in despair, and Abby makes a move closer to David.

Quinn is still missing, but Jake finds one frame from some corrupted footage that shows her in the elevator of OPA on her way to her wedding day. So the question remains, who took her right from under their noses?

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×07 ‘Nobody Roots For Goliath’:

how to get away with murder 4x07, htgawm, laurel castillo, connor walsh

For a while there, I really thought How to Get Away With Murder season 4, episode 7, was going to be one of those easy-going, happy-go-lucky episodes of the show. But then everything went to hell and I remembered that those don’t exist.

Everything started and ended with Connor and Oliver, so I’ll start there (and end there, too).

After basically saying, “screw you,” to his life a few episodes ago, Connor has somehow found himself in a place where he’s happier than ever. And with Annalise, no less! He feels like he’s making a difference in his career and is happy enough with Oliver that he wants to keep being happy with Oliver forever…at least until Oli spilled the beans about the Antares plan.

Things looked bad for Michaela and Asher for a minute, but it all ended in the most adorable $20,000 dress-ruining moment of all time. Also, Asher is now in the loop on the plan (he’s finally not the last to know), but based on the flash forward, he might be wishing he’d stayed ignorant.

I never thought I’d say this again in How to Get Away With Murder, but Frank and Laurel are actually the happiest couple at the moment. They’ve clearly matured individually and as a couple, with everything they’ve been through together, which only makes it more heartbreaking that they could be losing their baby.

Annalise had a huge win with the class-action lawsuit in How to Get Away With Murder, and her therapist as well as Bonnie were a big part of it. We found out that her therapist also has a substance abuse problem on top of the fact that he lost a child, so Annalise is especially triggering for him. Things are definitely escalating between these two, but I still have no idea how we’re going to end up with the therapist in Laurel’s hospital room in 48 hours!

Speaking of 48 hours…Connor is still the only character who we haven’t seen in the flash forward, and things are looking pretty bleak, especially since things are going so well for him. Here’s hoping that he’s just off with Thomas again.

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