Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×23, Scandal 6×14, and The Catch 2×10. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×23 ‘True Colors’ – Sonya Field

tgit recap

Owen gets some shocking news about his sister and is thrown off for the rest of the day. He tells Amelia that his sister has been found alive. He hasn’t spoken to her yet and is worried it might not all be true. All he knows is that she was being held in a basement. Amelia offers to help and arranges for her to be transferred to their hospital.

Riggs gets kicked out of Mer’s house because she doesn’t want the kids to know he’s there. But she seems pretty impressed when she sees Riggs interacting with a patient’s sister and invites him over to meet her kids. However, when Meredith gets home from work she finds out the news about Owen’s sister, the one that Riggs was engaged to. Meredith decides that she wants to be the one to tell Riggs about it.

Stephanie finishes her therapy and gets to start back on rounds thanks to Weber. Eliza is not happy about it and doesn’t want her working with patients yet. Jackson lets Stephanie help him on his patient that came in from a risqué car accident. He keeps asking to see the women he was brought in with and so Stephanie agrees to help him. That means that Stephanie now has to worry about her safety and the little girls. She makes a decision to set him on fire when he’s trying to get the sprinklers to go off. But when he lands near some gas tanks a big explosion goes off.

Then they find out that the man was actually trying to rape her in the car. When the attacker realizes the cops know what’s going on, he threatens Stephanie with a blade he stole and makes her help him. The situation gets even more dramatic when they get trapped in a hallway with a little girl that wandered away from her family.

Alex tracks down Jo’s husband at a conference and decides to approach him. After some drinks it becomes clear that the guy, Paul, has some real anger issues. And then Alex gets a little crazy and beats him up, saying, “This is from your wife.” Except never mind because that all happened in his head. He also thinks about going up and threatening him, but worries that it would lead to Jo being found and killed. In the end Alex does nothing.

‘Scandal’ 6×14 ‘Head Games’ – Brittany Lovely

tgit recap

As Fitz’s term in the White House is winding down, a new client keeps OPA in business. But as optimism spreads through the press room, OPA, and Fitz’s bedroom, an uneasy feeling lurks.

Sure, the threat of Peus and Samantha is over. But there are still a few more episodes this season and a few heads left to roll. Literally. David receives a parting gift from Rowan — the head of Samantha. David, the lovable sap that he is, wants Jake to swab it for DNA and find out Samantha’s true identity.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of OPA — Quinn, Huck, and Charlie — get on the case left cold by a podcast. The President is narrowing down his pardon list, and while looking into the case files, Quinn finds a case that hits her gut. It is not a slam dunk with hard evidence, but it is the case that pushes Quinn against the President and by extension, Olivia.

This Olivia, as Quinn says, is no longer Her Olivia. Instead, the former White Hat Gladiator leader is building cabinets and keeping friends in high places. Perhaps that is the point. It’s time for Olivia to step away from OPA, to pursue other interests. As Quinn and Huck become convinced that their pardon is worthwhile, Quinn earns her backbone and the head office at OPA.

Things are not going as smooth for Mellie and Marcus over at the White House. They quickly discover that there is no room romance in their diverging career paths.

In order to protect the evidence, he must stay with the head. The only place with a big empty freezer is Abby’s house. With David and Abby cooped up, they remember how much they mean to one another. But the sleepovers and takeout can’t last forever, especially with a season finale on the horizon.

Fitz’s final week in office highlights his connection to the people. Actually, it highlights his lack of connection to the people. Marcus points out that he is not as informed as he believes. Even his pardon, and the subsequent foundation mission statement, does not make him a better or more connected person. It’s not even a start. But what else can we expect from Fitz this late in the game?

Jake finds a name, Gertrude, and an apartment in connection with the head. As it turns out, Gertrude and Peus are only pawns in a much bigger scheme. But who is the boss moving them around the board? And what do they want next?

Rowan’s goodbye lasts only a fleeting second as they discover that the woman pulling all the strings is Olivia’s mother.

Stray Observations: Olivia and Rowan’s goodbye was bittersweet. After all these two have been through, it’s always nice to be reminded how they interact when someone’s life is not at stake. Huck is Quinn’s maid of honor — cue the cheesy smiles.

‘The Catch’ 2×10 ‘The Mockingbird’ – Kendra Cleary

tgit recap

Remember how Margot and the Kensington firm used to be one step ahead of everyone? Well, the firm’s still there, but unfortunately, Margot has been the last to know just about everything in The Catch season 2.

At the beginning of the season 2 finale, Margot knew she was in trouble. Her own daughter and a woman who, at the very least, she loved hooking up with, took her hostage and threatened the firm that she’s worked so hard to build up in Los Angeles.

What Felicity and Tessa didn’t know was that the Mockingbird had already taken over the firm. That wasn’t enough for Felicity to drop her quest for revenge, but in a brilliant show of solidarity, Tessa saved her family’s life. We always knew she fit right in.

Nobody had even heard of the Mockingbird before last week, but before The Catch season 2 ended, he would have two different faces. The first was that of Tommy Vaughan. Nothing ruins your “big boss” charade quite like your big sister pulling a gun on you, though, so he cracked pretty quickly.

It turns out the real Mockingbird is the brother of another power female on The Catch. We felt the sting of betrayal right along with Margot, Tessa, Ben, and even Justine when Rhys was revealed. So apparently, this whole season was just a brilliant power play on Rhys’ part to gain back control of the firm. Genius, but heartbreaking!

Because of Rhys’ betrayal, everyone had their choices to make. Margot and Tessa obviously had to escape, so everyone else basically had to choose whether to help them or hunt them. Justine chose the latter, while naturally, everyone else chose the former. Once Ben’s kid was in the mix, there was really no choice at all.

Ben had to go with them, but Danny chose to stay. It would have been cute if he had gone with Margot, but we really can’t see him escaping into a life of crime just yet, so we’ll just be happy if he keeps his promise to not fall in love with anyone else.

His heart isn’t the only one we have to worry about getting stolen. Notice how Ethan so thoughtfully stepped in to take Ben’s place, right beside Alice? He’s far from done making his move, and since everyone else is basically in jail or trying to escape it, this might be his chance.

As of now, The Catch still has not been renewed for season 3, but with all of this unresolved, we’re really hoping we get to see more!


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