Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy 13×13, Scandal 6×04, and How To Get Away With Murder 3×13. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 13×13 ‘It Only Gets Much Worse’ – Sonya Field

Grey Sloan Memorial is more divided than ever with April taking over as chief of general surgery. They’re all confused as to how April could have suddenly changed sides and is no longer loyal to her friends. Jackson even wanted to talk to his mother about the situation, but was shocked to find from Weber that she’s the one that came up with the idea.

Things got really heated when Eliza decided to let Stephanie go solo on a pediatrics surgery without consulting Arizona. To make matters even worse, Eliza would only allow Arizona there to observe. Surgery didn’t go as expected, however, and the patient bled out. Afterwards, both Eliza and Stephanie fled, leaving Arizona to deal with it.

Stephanie ended up going to see Weber for advice on what happened. Weber is able to talk to her like no one else can and gives her some comfort. And when she cries, he’s there to hold her, and stands by her as she talks to the parents.

‘Scandal’ 6×04 ‘The Belt’ – Brittany Lovely

Mellie is feeling the presidential groove, but she may not be dancing her way into the Oval any time soon. Huck discovers a tiny loophole in the case against Cyrus Beene — no one is charged with the murder of Jenny Fields.

Abby, known for her go-get-’em attitude, lets her power go straight to her head. In a meeting with the attorney general and the director of the FBI, she invokes the President’s name. While the Chief of Staff has that power, they can only name drop Fitz when he provides direct orders. In this instance, Fitz and Abby are at odds. Fitz calls for the death penalty in the case against Cyrus.

Cyrus’ stint in jail is not going well. In solitary he finds a work around to get a pen and paper from the guard, but that is where his power starts and ends. He pens a letter to Tom, hoping that it will convince him to recant his story, but Elizabeth passes it off to Michael instead. Divorce papers and a brutal beating by Vargas prisoners push Cyrus closer to taking his cannibal hall mate’s advice — ask for a belt.

And a belt he is granted. But it is given to the cannibal who busts Cyrus out of his cell and leads him to Tom. Just as Tom is about to die, he confesses his innocence to Cyrus. Meanwhile, miles away, the Gladiators discover that Tom, and by extension Cyrus, is innocent.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 3×13 ‘It’s War’ – Matthew Howland

Back at the Keating house, Nate tells Wes to take the immunity deal, but Wes believes that Annalise is not what people make her out to be. Nate, however, left him at the house, and he doesn’t know what happened after he walked away.

Meanwhile, Annalise threatens to file a lawsuit against ADA Atwood, raging about an all out war between the lawyers. After Annalise leaks an article about Wes’ body going missing, the state retaliates with a threat of their own: The death penalty.

Laurel hires a P.I. who discovers that Atwood filed a DNA test on Wes five days before his death. It reveals both his parentage and an M.O. for the Mahoney administration to take him out.

Frank goes on his own warpath, getting tall of ADA Atwood’s communication subpoenaed on the day of the fire. This leads her to confess that she moved his body, and had it cremated. A second autopsy is an impossibility.

Oliver prepares to go through the copy of Annalise’s phone that he made. However, nothing can prepare him for the reveal that Conner was at the house trying to resuscitate an already dead Wes before the fire.

What did you think of TGIT’s ‘Scandal,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’?

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