1:40 pm EDT, June 13, 2016

‘Gotham’ season 3 will see a transformed Poison Ivy

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Over the past two seasons Gotham fans have gotten peeks into Ivy Pepper’s life, but now the series is looking to make some big changes for the character!

So far, Ivy Pepper’s story hasn’t been a big part of Gotham. At the start she was living with an abusive father who was originally framed for being the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents. When she became an orphan, Ivy got closer to Selina, who was also living on the streets. Still, we didn’t see much of her, and when we did it was usually only for a tiny part of an episode.

Going into Gotham season 3 the show is looking to make her character a season regular, and will also be bumping her age up into the late teens. TV Line reports that this will also mean a recasting for the character: “This fall with Season 3, little Ivy Pepper will have transformed into big, bad Poison Ivy. As a result, Clare Foley — who has intermittently appeared as the plant-obsessed orphan during the series’ first two seasons — will not be returning.”

Other characters that will be appearing in season 3 include Vicki Vale and the Mad Hatter, plus the addition of the character we saw in the season 2 finale who looked identical to Bruce, only with long hair. The slew of other monsters that escaped from Arkham will also be terrorizing the city, and we highly suspect that one of them is Jerome Valeska.

Are you looking forward to seeing a new and improved Poison Ivy on ‘Gotham’?

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