After a few months on hiatus Gotham is back with its spring premiere! Here are a few teasers from “How The Riddler Got His Name.”

So many riddles

The episode largely focuses on Nygma’s journey to reveal himself as the Riddler to the city of Gotham. Penguin’s parting words that he is nothing without him really stuck and are messing with his head.

He wants to prove that he can be someone without Penguin, and he uses riddles to help guide his way. Of course, fans of Gotham are used to hearing Nygma use riddles in his every day conversation but this episode has them on overdrive.

That suit though

The Riddler, like many villains, has a very distinctive look. Gotham has teased this look before but when Nygma reveals himself fans gets to see his new look in its entirety. It’s instantly recognizable as the Riddler’s suit but definitely has the modern twist we’ve come to expect on the series. Looking good, Nygma.

Lucius steps up while Gordon is away

Gordon is away dealing with family issues which causes Lucius to step up and help the GCPD. It creates some pretty comical moments, because of course Lucius isn’t really a cop. But it brings a fresh spin on the dynamic at the GCPD and keeps the episode really fun and intriguing.

Penguin is featured in an interesting way

Fans are surely dying to know what happened to Penguin and while I won’t talk about that just yet I will tease about the hallucinations that Nygma sees. While trying to come to terms with who he is without Penguin, Nygma still relies on the crutch of his friend.

But since he pushed him into the water he has to resort to hallucinogens to see his best friend. These interactions are my favorite from the episode and will make you mourn their friendship even more.

What do you think will happen on ‘Gotham’ 3×15 ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’?

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