9:00 pm EDT, October 12, 2015

‘Gotham’ 2×04 review: The ‘Strike Force’ is assembled

It was another new beginning on Gotham 2×04 with the arrival of Captain Barnes and his Strike Force.

Captain Barnes is taking over the Gotham City Police Department and he’s ready to see a new Gotham. One with less crimes, and less corruption within the city. His first step is to flush out the rats in the GCPD. Right away he fires those who have a record of abusing their power within the GCPD. And he makes sure that the rest of the department knows that he’ll no longer allow those under him to be dirty cops. Anyone that defies him will be arrested and treated like a criminal.

Next, Barnes makes Gordon his second in command. He’s checked on Gordon’s career and knows that he’s always been one to question authority. But he doesn’t want Gordon to work for the greater good alone anymore. The problem is, as Gordon says, the whole police department has some sort of corruption. Which is why Barnes wants to bring in newbies who haven’t been able to become corrupt yet.

Gotham 2x04 'Strike Force' Gordon

In order to find some fresh candidates for the GCPD, Barnes takes Gordon to the same police academy that he graduated from. They find and evaluate the top of the class to see if they have what it takes. Barnes and Gordon select the four with the most promise and create the Strike Force. But Gordon rightly still has worries that they can handle the streets of Gotham.

Gotham 2x04 Strike Force

The Strike Force is quickly put the test when Penguin and Zsasz start going after the candidates running for mayor. They prove that they have the right moves to handle intense situations. But will they be able to last for the long haul? They seem like they might be a little too antsy for action and are already injured in their first mission.

Gotham 2x04 Strike Force Penguin

It seems like Gordon is all on board for the new regime in the GCPD. But he’s worried about what Penguin could be up to. He goes to visit Penguin and threatens that there won’t be any more deals for him. But Penguin doesn’t think Gordon will want his past partnership with him exposed. Will Gordon live up to his word and expose everything that happened between him and Penguin? We’re not so sure that he’s that close to Barnes just yet.

Gotham 2x04 Penguin

What Gordon doesn’t know, is that Penguin isn’t really behind the attacks. He is killing the candidates, but he’s being forced to do so by Theo and Tabitha. The siblings have taken Penguin’s mother and are using her against him. Until Butch can find her, it looks like Penguin has to do whatever the Galavan’s want.

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