8:30 pm EST, December 16, 2012

‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 finale roundup: What we know so far (spoilers)

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With the ultimate conclusion of Gossip Girl coming up tomorrow night, we’ve got everything you need to know about season 6’s closing episode. 

The day has finally come for Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck and the rest of the gang to kiss their Upper East Side drama goodbye once and for all. With tomorrow (December 17) night’s two-hour season finale special approaching, here are a few things to expect in “New York, I Love You XOXO.”

1. The finale will include behind-the-scenes footage and a look back at past seasons.

The first of the two-hour special will include interviews with the cast and producers, as well as some exclusive clips.

2. Kristen Bell will be making an appearance, but not necessarily as Gossip Girl.

It’s definitely been confirmed that Kristen Bell will appear in the season finale, but whether or not she is or will be revealed as Gossip Girl is still up in the air. Bell’s cameo will be quick, but also guaranteed to be “poignant and cool!” as told to E! That being said…

3. The real Gossip Girl is going to be exposed in the finale.

There are plenty of theories of who’s really behind the “XOXO” each episode, but now all questions will be answered after the finale! We’re unsure of when the reveal will happen during the episode, but TVLine has got the suspects pinned down to 13 characters. Take your pick!

4. The last scene of the finale will be a flashback. 

And not a flash forward, as previously thought. Penn Badgley buzzed his locks for the special scene, and Ed Westwick sports shaggy hair and his signature scarf in what looks like the infamous foyer of the Waldorf apartment. Check out a photo of the scene, courtesy of E! and The CW, below!

5. There will be three surprising couplings and two predictable ones.

So maybe Serena and Dan will actually get it together, and Chuck and Blair will really tie the knot – but who are the unexpected pairs? There are theories that a wifed-up Georgina will cozy up to – wait for it – Jack Bass! In a recently released clip, Georgie and Jack have got some unmistakable flirting going on in their interaction outside his limo. Who would have guessed?

6. Chuck gets arrested… at his own wedding.

In an explosive promotional clip, Chuck and Blair are about to say the final vows when he’s swept away by a brigade of police cars. Uh-oh, Mr. Bass, you’ve really gotten yourself in trouble now. Check out the clip below!


We still have so many questions left that will hopefully be cleared up after tomorrow night! What do you think? Are you going to tune in to the very last XOXO ever?

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