2:00 pm EST, February 12, 2017

‘The Good Fight’ review: Is ‘The Good Wife’ spinoff worthy of its predecessor?

"Women are taking over the world, piece by piece."

The Good Fight is set one year after the slap heard around the world in the original series. But does the spinoff live up to the preceding show?

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Young lawyer, Maia Rindell, has just passed her bar exam. Alternatively, her father, has just been arrested for multi-billion dollar investment fraud. The Ponzi scheme of Rindell Fund Investment Securities sends a ripple effect throughout the community, damaging the lives of all those it touches. Including The Good Wife original, Diane Lockhart.

Diane has just resigned from her position at Lockhart & Associates following the events of the original series. Now with no job and no money, she finds herself working alongside her goddaughter, Maia. The two daring and different women begin work at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms.

From the beginning shot of the first episode of the series I was immediately intrigued. Right off the bat the spin-off offers an edge that the original series could not. The Good Wife was already daring in its own respect. However, this new installment tips the law-drama over the brim.

There is a rawness allowed by the series’ platform on CBS All Access that was previously non-existent. The Good Fight is able to tread waters its predecessor could not. With a TV-MA rating the show has a darker tone and core. And not just because the words “bitch,” “fuck,” and “rape” are all dropped within less than a minute of each other. It deals with issues such as police brutality, racism, sexism in the workplace, and homophobia.

Throughout the first two episodes of the series we are reintroduced to the world of law in Chicago. We are made familiar with the three women that will dominate our screens for the next eight episodes. In these first two hours we will see one honest woman fighting for a man who shouldn’t have a chance. You can search for the truth behind a scandal that ruined not only the reputation of one, but the lives of many.

Furthermore, you will meet a man who claims he is wrongly imprisoned. The deathly truth(?) about one woman’s fate will be revealed. Viewers will fall in love with a fiery girl’s fight to keep her job as an assistant. Jaws will drop as CBS gets rougher than you have ever seen it before. Finally, in these two episodes you will begin to learn just what is it that “the good fight” really is.

All of these aspects and more make it a show worthy of it’s sisterhood to the original. Fans of The Good Wife will absolutely be fawn over this new installment. It has everything that the original show had to offer and more. Scandal, drive, drama, and newly added grit. Even those who have never seen the original series may fall in love with the raw style of this new installment. It is a series about strong women who, as the show’s tagline suggests, “Get Nasty.” Everything about The Good Fight makes it worth the $5.99/month required to subscribe to CBS All Access.

The first two episodes of The Good Fight will be available to stream exclusively on CBS All Access on February 19, at 8 PM ET. There will be a special screening of the first episode network’s home channel at the same time.

Will you be purchasing a CBS All Access account to watch ‘The Good Fight?’ Or will your paycheck be going elsewhere?

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