9:30 am EST, January 18, 2019

The Queen of England was gifted a golden Wii, console has been tracked down

If you’re a collector like myself, join me as we drool over the beauty that is this rare, one-of-a-kind golden Wii.

People Make Games went through a lot of literal legwork to get their hands on the Queen’s Nintendo Wii, and the payoff is quite the sight to see.

The original press release for the gold Wii and game sent to Queen Elizabeth II read as follows: “The Royal Family is arguably the most important family in the country so we felt that they had to have a copy of the new game [Big Family Games]. But we thought that Her Majesty the Queen wouldn’t want to play on any old console, so an extra special gold one was commissioned. We hope that she and the rest of the Royal Family enjoy the game!”

The narrator of People Make Games ended up tracking down the golden Wii all the way out in the Netherlands, which was a hop and a skip over from England, where the narrator was filming.

Upon arriving at the city of Utrecht, the narrator timidly enters the home of the owner of the golden Wii. Dan2K0, a console collector associated with the website consolevariations.com, owns the gold Wii, and keeps it behind a display case. However, perhaps for the sake of the video, he let it out of its casing to turn it on, and yeah, it actually worked.

You may be asking yourself: how did the Queen’s golden Wii end up in the wild in the first place? As People Make Games relates, nearly all packages sent into Buckingham Palace are rejected. Frankly put, don’t bother sending the Queen anything, because she and her team, do not want it.

The now defunct THQ was likely privy to the fact that their PR stunt of a golden Wii gift was going to fail, but nevertheless, was probably struggling to find a better angle to promote the lackluster Big Family Games shovelware.

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