The song leaked just the other day, and now Fox has uploaded the official video of Blaine’s return to Dalton Academy performing Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side.” Check it out!

Did you notice a certain someone’s face in the crowd of dancers? The one Warbler everyone loves to hate is back: Sebastian!

Some fans have already heard this song when this and “Some Nights” by fun leaked alongside “Gangnam Style” which is set to air in episode 8 “Thanksgiving.”

What do you think of the performance? It looks like Blaine’s typical overly excited performance mannerisms are back now that he is wearing his Warblers jacket again, right?

The album art for this performance titled the song “My Dark Side,” though the original by Kelly Clarkson has always been titled “Dark Side.”

More “Dynamic Duets” news

A batch of photos from this week’s episode “Dynamic Duets” has recently been released by Fox. You can check out those photos here.

An epic superhero trailer featuring each McKinley High character and their made up superhero name and character was released late last week and features Blaine as Nightbird, Brittany as The Human Brain, Tina as Asian Persuasion and much more! Check out the full episode trailer for “Dynamic Duets” here!

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