Reliable sources are pointing to a very intense and controversial social issue in upcoming Glee episode 4×18, titled “Shooting Star.” (Potentially major spoilers ahead!)

Recently, Glee fan site GleekoutBR reported on a number of interesting plot points coming up on Glee in episode 18. According to this source, McKinley High School will be jolted in episode 18 “Shooting Star” when the story revolves around a school shooting. Yes, they’re going there.

Their Tumblr post simply stated:

Yes, it’s a real gun shot, it’s not a joke and will not be treated like a joke. But no one will get hurt.

Typically, we would see something like this at Hypable and wait until a more reliable source comes along to confirm such a serious and controversial subject matter. However, GleekoutBR has a long history of 100% accuracy with Glee spoilers many weeks in advance to the episodes in which they actually occur. The amount of detailed spoilers that have come out of this source make us wonder if what they are posting is coming directly from Glee itself – a controlled leak if you will.

Another Tumblr post alludes that Brittany assumes that the world is going to end because of an asteroid (which made headlines across the world a few weeks ago when over 50 people were injured by a meteoroid impact in Russia):

According to Brittany, an asteroid is coming and the world will end soon. When they hear a gunshot at school, panic will be the word.

With the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and the recent debate and subsequent changing of laws here in the United States, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Glee took on this serious subject matter. Until we get more reliable information, we’ll file this in the “extremely likely, but unconfirmed” category for now.

What are your thoughts on Glee potentially taking on such a serious subject matter as a school shooting? Are they maybe taking things too far, or do you think it’s a great way to showcase a serious issue in American society? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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