With the recent somewhat troubling news that Cory Monteith has checked in to a rehab facility, most Glee fans have now shifted to the inevitable question: what does this mean for Glee? We take a closer look at the hit comedy’s future.

Though it’s good news that Cory Monteith has found the courage to check himself in to rehab and try to make the healthy, responsible decision, most fans of Finn Hudson in season 4 (that would be all of us, right?) are probably going to be left wondering what’s up.

The last we saw of Finn was the epic battle royale with that idiot Brody in the hotel room in New York City. Finn’s “Stay away from my future wife,” left everyone swooning in a knight in shining armor kind of way.

So when will we see Cory/Finn back on ‘Glee’ this season?

According to E! Online, a source close to the cast says Cory was meant to be part of the final two episodes of the season but will no longer be filming. Because of this, the writers are changing the storyline for the final episodes of season 4. E! also points out that this season will end with New Directions at Regionals with filming meant to wrap no later than April 24. We will still see Finn in upcoming episodes as noted in the preview for the final five episodes that aired a few weeks ago right here.

Will Cory/Finn be back for season 5?

If we had to make an estimated guess based on previous interviews and comments, we would say yes with one foot in the “no” category. Though Finn has taken on a somewhat new persona this season (a.k.a. fan favorite), and is much more crucial to the overall plot. Word from spies on set with a history of pin-point accuracy is that Cory had been unhappy on the show since somewhere around mid-season 3. With the latest news, we have to wonder if he’ll even be healthy enough to return to a full-time work environment by the time they film season 5 – presuming it’s happening (no word on season 5 renewal just yet)! Either way, most fans will tell you: we want Cory/Finn back.

What do we know for sure about Cory Monteith?

That he’s awesome. Inspirational. Courageous. Responsible. Regardless of what happens to Finn, fans can all agree that Cory Monteith’s decision to take himself away from his work, family and friends to try and get healthy is a true testament to his character. On behalf of Hypable and all of his fans, we’re wishing him, his family and friends the absolute best.

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