A credible source has made some VERY serious claims regarding Glee’s front-runner Rachel Berry and characters on other popular television shows. Read on if you want to find out what might be happening to Rachel – or a lady in your favorite show – this season! Potential major spoilers ahead!

TVLine.com, a very trusted resource for Glee spoilers, is reporting that our very own Rachel Berry MAY end up finding out she is pregnant at one point this season!

But don’t go getting too panicked or excited. Rachel may not in fact have a bun in the oven. Michael Ausiello was very careful to word his tease. Here’s exactly what he said.

…a certain female character is about to be paid a visit by the stork. (Her delicate condition will be revealed on air sometime in the next three months.)

Ausiello goes on to say:

What the headline doesn’t hint at, however, is that the gal in question is a lead on an established series (i.e., more than a season old).

Ausiello goes on to even give us a list of names claiming that one of the lead females from the following shows is indeed going to find out she is pregnant, Rachel Berry being one of them:

When Madame X finds out that she’s with child, she’ll be — understatement alert! — shocked. Fans of the show, by contrast, will likely love the plot twist. Now, as for the “far-sighted” element of this “blind” item: The mystery woman is one of the 13 suspects included in the gallery below. So, before you hit the comments, take a look and hedge your bets!

The leading ladies are:

Penny – The Big Bang Theory
Fiona – Burn Notice
Kate – Castle
Olivia – Fringe
Rachel – Glee
Alicia – The Good Wife
Serena – Gossip Girl
Meredith – Grey’s Anatomy
Zoe – Hart of Dixie
Carrie – Homeland
Robin – How I Met Your Mother
Leslie – Parks and Recreation
Addison – Private Practice

Predict who you think will be pregnant in the comments below!

One of these leading ladies is going to be pregnant and have to deal with it on the show! Who could it be!?


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