9:30 am EST, May 2, 2013

‘Glee’s’ Curt Mega launches IndieGogo campaign for ‘Buffering’ web series

By John Thrasher | Edited by Karen Rought

You may recognize him as one of the lead Warblers from Glee, but Curt Mega is more than just a handsome face in a Dalton Academy blazer! The actor has launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise money for two more episodes of the hilarious Buffering web series!

Curt Mega, who plays Ben Little and is a producer of Buffering, has some pretty awesome rewards in store for those who contribute to the fund. At the time of this post, they have reached over $8,000 of their $15,000 goal with only three days left!

Click here to contribute to the Buffering IndieGogo campaign!

Check out the video explaining how your small contribution to Buffering could go a long way straight from Curt and other members of the series:

Fans of Glee will recognize another Warbler on Buffering: Trent played by Dominic Barnes was featured in episode 4, titled “It’s Not Easy Being Mean.” A couple other Glee Warbler names have already been announced for the as yet to come episodes 5 and 6, including Riker Lynch and Titus Makin Jr.

We asked Curt about the differences between Glee and his new Buffering series:

Glee was nothing short of a surreal and insanely awesome experience. To walk on the set of a show I already loved and to get to work in the world that so many other people loved was tremendous. There is such a wealth of knowledge and experience on that set. From the creators, to the cast, to the crew, everyone is top notch and first class in their industry.

The biggest difference between that world vs. Buffering is that we are creating something completely original from the ground up. We aren’t joining a story already in progress. Rather, we are our OWN creators, producers and writers. As such, we are forced into learning and growing and filling in the gaps where bigger productions might have a whole crew of people to attend to each task. Then, once an episode is made, we begin the process of trying to share our work in a digital space. There’s no network to market it for us. It’s our job to use social media to share the passion we have for the project and hopefully make people fall in love with the characters and story we’ve created.

With only a few days left to contribute to this series, we implore you to help contribute. Curt is loved by so many in the Glee fandom and it would be such an awesome gesture to rally Hypable fans around this awesome independent project!

And if you love Buffering already, go vote for it to win this week’s Webisodes Wednesday poll where it’s nominated and currently doing very well! Polls close May 6, so go cast your vote now!

Click here to to contribute to the Buffering IndieGogo campaign!

Follow Buffering across their many social media and online platforms:

Buffering Website: www.bufferingseries.com
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Check out episodes 3 and 4 of Buffering below, and definitely check out the awesome perks you can receive for contributing to this awesome project. We personally are hoping for a personalized Vine recording from two of the cast members!

Episode 3 – “Small Spaces, Felt Faces”

Episode 4 – “It’s Not Easy Being Mean”

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